Sophi's last years sweater

I knit this last year. It was way to big for my DGD. This year it fits great but, could not get it over her head :teehee: I took out the rolled neckline and put in a k2,p2 ribbing nickline. I hope you con see the difference in these two pic’s. The yarn is so soft and nice. Sophi really likes the sweater or I would not have bothered. The pic with the arm up on the chair is this years.

I want to try this pic again.

I want to try to post this years pic again.

What a cutie! She really does look like she loves her little sweater, and it looks like it fits her perfectly this year! Great colour too.

She looks great in both year’s version of her sweater. What will next year’s version look like.

What a cutie! The sweater is nice too! I think you are my hero, I didn’t know you could undo and change the neckline of a finished sweater!

Yes, I had to do that with the first baby sweater I made her. So I learned how to do that from the get go. It’s not to hard to do either. I had help the first time too :wink:

I haven’t yet been brave enough to try a sweater yet, but I have one in line for “soon.”

What a cutie patootie! The sweater looks great! I can’t see the difference because the pictures are small, but I believe you. :wink:

Hopefully this will show this years fit better than the other picture.

This is this years fit on the sweater.

She is adorable! The sweater looks soft so I’m glad you were able to change the neckline.

What a cutie! If she was my DGD, sweaters would be EVERYWHERE! I would knit day and night for her! Good sweater! (and photos!)

Awwww, she is beautiful and so is the sweater! :muah:

What yarn did you use, if you don’t mind me asking???

Thank you, The pattern is by Knitting Pure & Simple, Childrens Neckdown Pullover. The yarn is Plymouths Jelli Beenz, color is purple.

aww what a cutie!! The sweater looks great :thumbsup: