Sophie-dopey question

I am set for mother’s day (a ponchette, picture maybe this evening) and need to do a gift for the end of May for my step mom. I had purchased some Araucania Chunky to do some kind of bag for her - it is definitely thicker than the Cascade 200 called for in la-sophie - I am thinking maybe knit same size/proportions, yet use bigger needles???What do you all fink???

Or should I do a ponchette for HER too???

Or a booga???

I am leaning toward the Sophie just to do smething a little different…

If you had a bag in mind for her, you’ll probably frog anything else you make… at least that’s how it works for me… I need to go with my first instinct or else it comes back to bite me in the @$$. The Sophie bag sounds like a good idea, just using needles that are more appropriate to the yarn.

I am thinking size 11’s or 13’s - depends on if I am having a tight knitting day, I suppose!

Not knowing how much experience you have, I’ll jump in here with my $.02. A tightly knit piece will not felt as well as a looser knit one.

Good luck with it! I hope whatever you make turns out spectacular and that she loves it!

I agree - am leaning toward the 13’s…will just have to see how it works up - I always do at least one false start!