Sophie bag

I’ve knitted about 4 booga bags and 2 Lucy bags - and I gave them all away. I wanted to try a new pattern and finally do a purse for me, so I chose a Sophie bag for me. I used WOTA. I ran it through the washer once to felt it…and it’s the tiniest purse I’ve ever seen! :roflhard: I guess my 8-year-old daughter now has a new purse!

Yeah… its not huge. But, Black Sheep has a similar pattern called the Elizabeth bag… MUCH bigger, but the same shape and with more options for the strap.

I’ll check into that…thanks! :muah:

Keep in mind too, Ronda… that different wool yarns felt at different rates.
I found that Cascade made a very small Sophie bag, but I got better results with Crystal Palace Fjord and Noro Kureyon. I wouldn’t give up on the pattern, but maybe try it with a different yarn.

Thanks, Wynnie. I like the way WOTA felts. It seems so sturdy and thick, but maybe it does shrink more than Cascade, which is the yarn used for the pattern.