Sophia in her Tam

I was going to make this with mmmm. I couldn’t get the gage. I used Sidar Country Style dk. It was fun to make. The pattern is from the book ‘Kids Knitted Hats’ by Cabin Fever.

aww Sophia is a cutie and so is her hat!! Great job :woot:

So beautiful! and the hat is lovely too:muah:

It is just adorable and she looks so cute in it!

They are BOTH cute as can be!

love that hat!! And she is such a cutie!!

Awwww!! they’re both soo cute! I want one…it’s like a beret.

Very cute. Great job :thumbsup:

Aw! How adorable … and the beret is nice too! :smiley: I just want to hug her and give her kisses on her cheeks. (Sorry, since I became an auntie, I want to do that to every cute little girl!)

Very adorable and the colour is great for Sophie!:heart:

That is so cute on her!

I love it and what a pretty model!!

How cute. What a beautiful little girl.

The hat suits her :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for the compliments. I’m making a cowl to go with it. Not so sure she will wear that though Crossed Fingers.

Looks wonderful and so stylish!

What a cutie! :muah: That tam (and the color, too) just suits her to a [B][SIZE=3]T[/SIZE][/B]!

What a great hat!!:muah: You did a wonderful job on it. Your model is just right for it too.

Darling little Sophia looks wonderful in her hat, great color for her too.

That Tam is sooo cute. Love the color!!

the beret so nice!!! i suppose this pattern need to be purchased…

anyone got similar pattern to share? did one beret but the effect not same as this…which was wat i wanted