SOOOOoooo Funny

Had tears in my eyes when I saw this. :roflhard:

Click Here

*edited by the Mod team. :wink:

i wanna click but i am a little skeered…is there anything that i wouldn’t want on my work computer there?

Just good clean pet humor :slight_smile:

it’s fine!!! :slight_smile: funny kitties :slight_smile:

Now my pooches are looking at me funny, wondering why Im LAUGHING like a maniac! :roflhard:

OMG!!! That was totally on time!!! :rofling: :roflhard: :rofl:

awww i finally got to see it…poor little kitties…lol

OMG, that had me in tears. So funny! (They looked harmless.)

DH came in wanting to know what I was laughing so hard about. He got a big kick out of them too.

Kitties are so funny. Thanks for the laugh, FM!

Cute! The only thing that bugged me was that little baby on the garden path - hope he wasn’t too scared!

I missed this the first go around, but Amy linked to it on Joel’s OT Laughing…thread. That is the funniest thing I have seen in a LONG time. I nearly spit my coffee out on the keyboard! :roflhard:

I am so happy that this is back on the first page. DD thinks it’s hilarious and I have to go “digging” for it every day! “Let’s watch those silly kitties, Mom!”

I tried getting her to look at animal pictures on other sites, she just wants these cats.

Just be sure that you don’t click on the next video after the cat one, if you have little kiddies watching it. It’s definitely an ‘adult’ video. :shock:

Omigod…that is the cutest video ever!

I :heart: kitties!!

Oh man… that makes me miss having cats!! Cats are so freakin’ hilarious at times!!

I like that video… ive actually seen clips of that before on AFV.

First time I saw the whole thing though…