Sooooo, remember

…Remember when I posted a picture of the scarf my sister sent to me and asked if someone knew of a hat I could knit from the same kind of yarn? Special thanks to the person who posted the pattern for MY NEW HAT!!

I got the yarn in the mail today (I have to tell you that I got all excited because I thought it was my Winter Wonderland Swap package). Alas, it was a box from my sister with the yarn to make this hat to match the scarf she had mailed me a month ago, the one I posted the picture of a few weeks ago.

Whoever said this stuff is FUN fur was out of their cotton picking heads. This yarn is slippery and tangely (if there is such a word) and it took me much longer to knit this hat than it should have. I think it was about three hours!! It should have only taken about one hour, but oh well…

On a side bar… my DGS got his scarf tonight (the one I posted the picture of a few weeks ago). Let me tell you the reaction was tremendous! He hugged it to his chest and said (while grinning all over his face) “it’s WONDERFUL Gramma!” That was good enough for me, but when he refused to go to bed without his scarf on, I knew that he liked it. When his mother would not let him go to bed with the scarf on, he would not go to bed!! I love that boy!!

On another side bar… my DGD walked into the room and saw me knitting my new hat. Her eyes got huge and she said “wow, that is soooo pretty, that is just boootiful Gramma.” My daughter said “She’s three, to her everything is beautiful”. But my DGD had warmed my heart. I have some fun fur in pink to make her a Bitsy Teddy Bear. I will post a picture of it when I am finished knitting it. Perhaps she will think it is as “boootiful” as my new hat!

Ladies and Gents, straight from Canada to you, here I am, modelling “Furry” Hat.

just boootiful !!!

Have fun with your new hat!


It’s lovely…It is a pain to knit with I have to agree x

That looks boooootiful! I’m not a fan of fun fur or novelty yarns myself, they are a pain in the *** to knit with:hair:

That is putting it mildly. A one hour knitting job stretched into a bloody long time, about three and a half hours. Oh well, it’s done now.

I am not normally a fan of fun fur either, but my sister made me the scarf so I had to make the hat to match, or go cold! I am grateful that she made me the scarf. Because I am grateful, I will wear the scarf. Because I will wear the scarf I had to make the hat to match. Because I had to make a hat to match, she sent the yarn by mail. Because I made it, I will wear the hat.

And life goes on… :roflhard:

Hey, someone else knit for ME for a change!

oh it looks great! Very shimmery and frosty! Just in time for the cold!

:thumbsup: looks great!!! I’m so glad your grandson loved his new scarf!!! :happydance:

The scarf and hat are lovely! After reading some of your other posts about your daughter, it really warmed my heart to hear how your dgs loves his scarf and how your dgd reacted to your hat! Your love is hitting its mark! :slight_smile:

My aunt, for some reason, has decided that she likes to knit with the fun fur. So, when I started knitting, she (very kindly) bought me some of her favorite yarn.

I struggled to make something out of it and now that “something” sits quiet and alone in my cabinet because whenever I look at it, I remember how much I HATED knitting with the bloody stuff! Really, it’s evil, evil yarn. I didn’t know there was such a thing, but now I know it’s true.

I’m so glad your gs loves his new scarf! It’s so nice when your knitting is appreciated!

That looks great!

I have to agree with you re: fun fur…UGH! :hair:

Fun fur is not so bad to crochet with, I remember helping my sister make hair ties and flip flops one fall for her craft booth, but knitting it is a pain in the you-know-where.

Still, you did it justice love. It looks great on you. And I have to say, that while your daughter may not appreciate the time spent on hand made items, at least your grandchildren got it right.

I remember how much I HATED knitting with the bloody stuff! Really, it’s evil, evil yarn. I didn’t know there was such a thing, but now I know it’s true.

I do believe that’s true! Wanted to make a poncho for Kate with it, but decided quickly to move on to something else.

However, those of you who do like it make wonderful things, so enjoy it for the rest of us.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the picture and the stories. I know it must tickle you pink that your DGS and DGD appreciated your work so much. What a way to go straight to Grandma’s heart.

It looks like the knitting trouble was worth it. Very pretty!

:muah: You are adorable, and so is the set!