Sooo frusterated i could cry!

so this definitely illustrates how i feel right now… :frog: As I mentioned in a previous post I had questions about the shawl I’m making for my mom. Well I just tried doing the unraveling trick to make the fringe… it seems to just be making a huge mess and unravelling all my hard work! I have no clue what to do… I’m really hating that project!

xbelovedxone, I’m not sure here (maybe an experience knitter can respond as to whether my advice is right or not), but can you run a thread through the part where you are to stop unraveling? Amy has a video on this called using a “lifeline”. What this would do would prevent unraveling any further. Just a thought…I’m not sure if this is the right way to do this. Sorry I can’t be more help. :frowning:

Look under the “fixing mistakes” heading, and then you’ll see “using a lifeline”.

Are you tying each loop as you unravel it? I’ve never seen a pattern do this. I wish I could help. :frowning:

I tried that, but each time I tried to make a new loop, it was just unraveling more of the work! It was looking so botched, and i was nearly in tears, so I just frogged it back about 5 inches. I think I might have to find a new way of finishing it. The directions don’t make much sense to me.

Next time I do any patterns, I’m going to be sure there’s other people out there that have done it too! I’m just super bummed because a)this was my first big project b) it took me nearly 2 months and c)it is for my mom so I wanted it to be perfect!

:frowning: I’m sorry I was hoping it would work for ya… I did find this blog scroll down to Shawl finished 35wks… you might be able to e-mail her and see if she has some advice

thanks for that link! since i couldn’t find her email I tried sending her a msg through the site. I hope she has something to add!

:frowning: I’m so sorry that happened :frowning: