Soon, Very Soon

Amy’s Knitty Gritty is airing soon, and I’m really excited. Just thought I’d give y’all a heads up. Who’s gonna make her patterns ? I am.

:verysad: I don’t get DIY :verysad:

I dont get DIY anymore but are your REALLY going to make her patterns are you just joking?

HoefullyAmy will post DIY on KH so we ALL can see her!!

WOOO HOO!! :cheering: :cheering:

no DIY here either :pout:

I get DIY but I was so tired and bored of all the KNitty Gritty repeats that I actually STOPPED :wall: watching her show!! I guess I’ll have to tune in today and see if a new on is on …yet. :shrug:

No DIY here either :pout: - guess I’m in good company…

they need to sell Knitty Gritty to a UK cable company - I dunno the QVC channel or something =P That way we can see it here over the pond.

Don’t suppose one can buy Knitty Gritty on DvD can one?

When is the air date? We are getting a DVR installed this weekend and one of teh reasons is all the Knitty Gritty shows I have missed.

Let me know time and day so I can make sure it is one of the first things recorded!!!

When does Knitty Gritty generally air? Is it Tuesday evenings? I need to set up a timer so I don’t miss Amy’s show !

Amy’s episode number is #506 – the DIY site isn’t showing an air date yet. I hop it’s soon becuase our month of free DIY is almost over!

Amy doesn’t get the diy channel, either :pout:
The new Knitty Gritty shows on shown on Mondary mornings 11:30 EST

When exactly is her episode airing? Do we know if it’s this Monday? I have a DVR… I might be able to figure something out. Let me know when it’s on.


I get DIY and I tape all the Knitty Grittys. However, I have been really dissappointed with the new season. Not much on there that I would knit really. It seems a little less “wow” this year.

I really might, just to try them out. Not to wear them.