Soon to be new to crochet

Hi all,

I just bought “I Taught Myself Crochet”. It’s by Boye and the same book I bought to teach myself to knit.

Basically I’d like to crochet, so I can do nice edging on blankets and other things. I’m wondering how hard do you think it will be to learn crochet since I’m a knitter at heart? Are there major differences? Since I know how to read a knitting pattern do you think learning to read crochet will be hard?

Do you knit english, holding the yarn in your right hand? That’ll probably be the hardest thing to get over, having to hold the yarn in your left hand for crocheting, and getting the tension right. Otherwise, it’s basically the same thing. Just take your time with it, and come to us with questions when you get stuck! :slight_smile:

Yup, that’s how I knit. I throw my yarn. Shoot…ok, I can do this.

(Takes deep breath and braces self to learn)

You can do it! cheers

:woohoo:I CAN do it!!! I believe!!!:woohoo:

A-Men! you can do it!!!
but seriously, it isn’t any harder than knitting. and while crochet patterns are different, if you can read a pattern for knitting, you can do it. just a matter of remembering the shorthand for all the stitches. has lots of videos like Amy’s for crochet and I love them.

and go for it!

Oh, Amy’s knitting videos have been a life saver a few times!!! THANK YOU for the link! :muah:

You can do it! Honestly, once you get stuck into it you will probably find that it gets easier the more you practice.

I recommend starting with a small project, like a coaster or a bookmark. Or even just make a swatch doing several rows of single crochet, then several of double crochet, etc until you get the hang of it.

The hardest part for me was learning to recognize the stitches and read the patterns. Once I got those down, I was away!

Repeat after me: I think I can! I think I can! I think I can! :woohoo:

Ok, I tried it, and managed to make a triangle.

somehow I was loosing a stitch every row. I started with 12 for the foundation chain. Then I somehow decreased.

I put the hook into the back of the stitch, pulled the yarn through, then wrapped the yarn around the hook, and pulled it through the two stitches on the hook. (Was that right?) :shrug:

Ok, forgive the fuzzy pic. I took it on my cell, at work, trying to keep people from seeing what I was doing. But you can get a general idea of the shape.

It basically looks like candy corn.:doh:

you didn’t start in the very fist stitch on each row- you did some fancy decreasing!! (see, its a design feature) and you might have skipped a space here and there- but you did each mistake consistently- that’s good! LOL-

when you look at a new row, unless directed otherwise by a pattern, you start the stitch in the same one you chain up from the last row. that will make the edge more straight.

for clear pictures I also like the crochet answer book; and I checked crochet for dummies out of the library. (I wouldn’t buy that one, but it had some good pictures for stitch placement)

Oh! and Craftydaisy (craftydaisies?) blog had a whole series of beginner crochet tutorials that were great- 9 lessons with nice pictures of where to put the hook and what to do. She has been featured on the Craft MAgaine blog a few times so I’m sure if you google craftydaisy you will find her. right now she is doing an embroidery tutorial but the crochet ones are in the archives.

and one more thing- keep counting stitches- I go back and count my stitches in a row often. that way I see right away if I skipped a stitch or made too many…

Ohh, great help! Thanks! :muah:

At least I messed up consistently. :teehee:

Thats how mine looked when I learned to crochet Just keep trying.It’s hard to figure out that first st till you get and the lingo down.Try here

:cheering: I’m not the only one! It’s ALWAYS good to know that the mistakes you made(make) are common and just part of the learning process.

I’ve also realized what a dink I am. I know yarn, I know it’s properties, and for some reason (probably the thrifty cheapskate in me), I decided that I should practice with cotton…ok, I’m gonna go home and play with some Caron Simply Soft. At least it’ll have some give to it!

Hey, that looks pretty good for a first attempt!! When I started, I couldn’t make triangles when I was TRYING to! :rofl:

Keep practicing… soon it will become second nature. :slight_smile: And I agree with switching the yarns. I did the same thing and got a much better result once I found a yarn I was comfortable using. Good luck!

Ok, here is my second attempt at crocheting and it turned out MUCH better. It’s a little wonkey, I think it’s just tension differences, but it’s a start.


[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=“2”]Good for you Letah!!! :yay: I teach crochet at 2 yarn shops, and for a first attempt, I think you’ve done very well! Keep it up.

I would suggest that you make sure you count your stitches regularly - at the end of each row. That wil help you a lot.

I can’t wait to see the wonderful things you’ll create using your new skills! :thumbsup:[/SIZE][/FONT]

Thank you for the positive reinforcement!!! OMG you guys are great for my ego!!! And for my willingness to continue in my quest to become a crocheter! :woot: