SONNET cardigan from KNitty: doesn't specify needles, ? ? what do you think?

Um, I posted before but didn’t get a reply coz it was directed to crazycatlady who made this and maybe she’s not around. (tried to edit the title but couldn’t)

well, this pattern doesn’t specify needles. You have to work out your own guage and do some math. I suppose it would be alright or maybe better to use a circular what do you think? My new circular addi’s in size 8 are perfect for the yarn. Cotton.

Anybody like this pattern?

They can’t specify a needle sizes because it’s meant to be knit at whatever gauge makes you and your yarn happy.
Follow the directions for the gauge swatch – it’s not heavy-duty math, just basic arithmetic and logic.
If your size 8 Addis give you the gauge, size and feel you’re aiming for, you’re good to go.