Somthing we knew all along!

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I hope that this link works. It’s a story on our local news about how a local hospital is encouraging knitting to calm the nerves of those waiting for procedures. And one of the instructors is a man.

I had to laugh because they’re just finding out how therapeutic knitting can be.

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I am disabled & i started knitting a year ago this month (my husband got me started…found & bought a learn to knit kit for me) and i will tell u from experience that knitting is very therepeutic…my doc agrees

That is SUCH a GREAT idea! I just printed that for our Activities Director! Wouldn’t it be fun to open a “smaller” version of that shop that our residents could run??

That is soo cool! Finally a hospital gets it right! It’s about time!

When my mother passed away, I donated her stash to a nursing/retirement home through a social worker at our church. You’d have thought I had given him the world. Seems the residents would knit/crochet craft items for their annual fair. They crafted wonderful items, made a little money, and I didn’t have to feel guilty about not storing and using all that yarn. It was a blessing for everyone.

I think a little shop would be just the ticket for your residents.

Our residents have even started their own club… the “Happy Hookers” :roflhard:

I live 2 miles from Beaumont Hospital. In fact i retired from there.

Now i am going back to check out the yarn :happydance: