Sometimes knitted gifts are appreciated!

I see a lot of threads on here about how their knitting is not apreciated and how thankless people can be and it is sad. But surely not everybody has experiences like that. there must be some well loved knitted gifts out there!!

I made a red and white knitted cardigan for my friend who is (well his GF is) expecting a baby very soon. I spent a long time picking the right pattern for them and then modified it to suit their tastes. I slo made a matching hat for them. I finally put it in the post to them on Wednesday and on Thursday got a phone call from my freindto say thank you and that he thought it was great and how kind it was to make somthing for his as yet unborn baby.
It was lovely that he thought to ring me the very same day and was so happy with it. I have promised to make one or two things as and when i can because i know they will be well loved.

Yay for appreciative people!!

Any similar happy knitting gift stories to share?


That is wonderful!

Yes I have had similar responses… My BIL and FIL both LOVED their Christmas presents I made them. My daughters love the play scarf I made they, they play with it all the time.

Dh loves the hat I made him.

It’s nice when people like what you make them or for their kids…

That’s great! :yay:

My family (dh, kids,parents,grandparents,aunts,etc) is very appreciative of the knitted items I make for them…and dad always puts in his request (Aug. it was a cable sweater)…I like that 'cause I know exactly what to make him.

I have an older friend in town that loves my items and she is another one that will requests another pair of slipper socks or see if I have any dishrags she can take…

Last year I wanted to do something special for our n’bors who are so sweet to us…so I gave her a lace scarf and him a cabled scarf…I couldn’t get over their reactions…they just kept telling me thank you and that they had showed it to everyone…they couldn’t believe that I would use my time on them :teehee:

I have gotten some oh that’s nice and I know it prolly ends up in the bottom of the drawer somewhere…but then I just know not to make for them again and focus on those that I know really appreciate my knitting :happydance:

That’s great! It is nice to have your gifts appreciated. :yay:

My DH loved the hats I’ve made him and indeed would probably love anything I made him.

I actually just gave my mom her first knitted gift from me for her bday yesterday – socks. I was worried because it is “just” socks. I was picturing the conversation in my head:
Random person - "What did you get from your daughter for your bday?"
Mom - "Socks"
Random person - "Socks?!? That’s it?"
But she loved them!! And her friends were all impressed because I made her socks. She thought the quality was much better than what she finds in the stores.

I’m extremely shy, so to break the ice between a newish neighbour and I, I made her baby girl a hat and scarf set for winter.
When I took them downstairs to her (she lives at very bottom of my apartment build, me at the top), she woke the baby up to try them on :smiley:
Needless to say, her and I have a friendship that is forming very well.

I feel very very lucky that I have only experienced the less enthusiastic response once. Two years ago I knit my SIL a sweater for her birthday and she was so touched she started to cry. She kept saying I can’t believe you knit me a sweater.
One of my first knitting projects was for my brother I knit him a huge striped Virginia Tech scarf in stockinette. It curls like nobody’s business and he still wears it to every cold game he goes to. I keep telling him to bring it back to me, I know how to fix it but he insists it is lucky that way. With the way Tech has been playing lately I would say he needs to pul out that scarf:teehee:
A pinwheel baby blanket I knit was the hit of the baby shower. I felt a little embarrassed about at all the attention it was getting.

My favorite reaction ever was for my younger cousin he was 7 at the time and I knit him a pair of FT felted clogs. Of course I gave them to him unfelted. He looks at me and says genuinely Thanks Holly I love them, they will fit me forever.:chair: When I felted them with his help he was amazed and kept telling people he helped me make shoes.

I made a simple hat for my father-in-law, and he lost it. He has requested that I make another one for him! :heart:

And my hubby gets SO frustrated when he can’t find the hat I knit for him! cloud9

I knit my nephew a pair of mitts a couple of years ago and my sister has asked that I knit up another pair because he got very upset because he got grease on his “favorite” mitts. And then yesterday a friend asked if I still had a colour of yarn that I did a blanket and hat in for her son when he was born because he now needs a bigger sized hat.

My daughter always loves whatever I make for her, which is very encouraging for me – plus I get compliments from everyone working at her daycare. Last Christmas, my brother loved his fingerless gloves, my one SIL tried on her hat and scarf set immediately. The other SIL cried out “I know what’s in my present!” and literally grabbed it out of my dad’s hands so she could open it.

Just my aunt was less than enthusiastic, even though I did what she wanted. She’s very contrary and picky though, so I didn’t think too much of it.

My WONDERFUL daughter LOVES LOVES LOVES everything I make for her. I recently taught her to knit and she pronounced that for Christmas from now we must each knit a gift for the other because WE know how much love goes into it!!

I knitted a baby blanket for a niece. It was the first thing I did on circular needles and used chunky, soft baby yarn. I was so proud of myself when I got done; but, after I bound it off, I held it up in front of me to admire my handiwork and…the top (bind off side) was anything BUT straight! Think of a smile shape and that’s what that side was curved like.

Well, it was too late to redo, so she got it as is. Not only did she love it…because of the curve, it hung around her shoulders nicely and stayed on her shoulders without falling off all the time. So it became her favorite “privacy” blanket while she nursed.

My friend loved the things that I’ve made for her baby. My DH and DD loved the socks that I knit for them and wear them all the time. I enjoy knitting for people who do appreciate what I make.

I recently made two Baby Surprise Jackets for two baby showers and they were ooh-ed and aah-ed over, plus thank you notes.

My mom has request a new pair of felted slippers since hers have worn through the sole. My sister uses a handbag I made for her all the time. And my dad requestes a scarf last winter that he used all the time.

I haven’t often felt unappreciated when I knit gifts. It happens, but not a lot.

I just recently made a baby blanket, bibs and wash cloths for a co-worker. She so appreciated it and she has done this type of work before and was a little emotional too.

She cleaned out her garage and found a bunch of yarn that she has stashed away forever and wanted to know i I would like it, to give it to someone who would use it. Of course, I said yes. and boy my office with my shelves lookes like a mini store. So excited!!