Something's wrong with this pattern? Or is it me?!

Hi, there -

This is my first time posting, so please forgive me if I do something wrong or inappropriate. :slight_smile:

So I’ve been knitting this relatively easy baby bolero but something is definitely wrong with either me or the pattern. (I know it’s me :P) Please help!

I cast on 25 stitches with are distributed like this: 5 sts, marker, 15 sts, marker (arm of bolero, back of bolero, arm of bolero)
Then I’m supposed to do this:
Row 2 (RS): Kfb in first st, *k to 1 st before marker, kfb, sl
m, kfb, rep from *, k to last st, kfb in last st.
Row 3 (WS): Purl

But when I follow the pattern, it turns out that the first arm end up with more stitches than the second arm.

What went wrong?!

Maybe this is clearer.

CO 5, place marker, CO 15, place marker, CO 5

row 2: kfb, k to one before marker, kfb, slip marker, kfp, knit to ione before marker, kfb, slip marker, kfp, knit to last sticth, kfb. (total increase of 6 to 31 sts)
row 3: purl

Just watch where you place the markers and where you inc; there’s a kfb in the sts on both sides of the markers, plus one at the beg of the row and one at the end. Kfb in the first st, k3, kfb, sl marker, kfb, k to 1 st before the other marker, kfb, sl marker, kfb, k3 and kfb in the last st. That should leave you with 7 sts, marker, 17 sts, marker, 7 sts, you’ve gained 6 more sts for a total of 31 sts.

Thank you both so much. I’ll try it! –

Update –

So…I thought the “sl” meant “slip a stitch” but it actually means “slip the marker”! Ha Now it makes much more sense! Thank you RochesterKnitter and suzeeq!

Slip marker is usually written as sm, but pattern writers often use their own code so it’s good to check what it says on the pattern. Sl usually is slip the stitch btw.

Jan, thank you for the tip!

It’s actually written as ‘sl m’ in the pattern rows you posted, but there’s a line break so it may not be clear they go together.

That’s gotta be it. Thank you so much. I’m almost done with the bolero now. : )