Something with a wolf on it?

My 17yo nephew has put in his christmas gift request…(they are starting to roll in pretty heavy now…anyone else getting this??)

his big thing this year is wolves. he asked for something with wolves on it. actually he asked for a blanket with a wolf on it. but i told him im not sure with all the detail this would have to be knit, that it would be a suitable blanket to use, with all the strands on the back of the blanket.

Im wondering if i shouldnt cross stitch or embroder something and do something with that.

He now thinks hes not gonna get a blanket, so if i could come up with a reasonable facsimile thereof…:evil: …it would be somewhat of a suprise come Christmas morn. :angelgrin:

Im basicly reaching way out to you guys for ideas for a gift with a wolf on it…it can be knit, crochet, cross stitch, punch needle, embrodery. :pray:

thanks for any help,

You could use any one of the motifs and make a scarf. Knit it double wide and sew it up the long end. This way you can put a wolf on each side but the messy backs will be inside the scarf.

If you wanted to make a blanket, you could make two squares with a wolf it in in the center back to back and knit the rest of the blanket around it.

On the blanket, you could add the wolf design to it using duplicate stitch.