Something to go with the apple hat

I decided the little apple hat I made needed something to go with it so I made booties to match! My dil’s sister will now have a whole outfit of hat, sweater, pants, and shoes in 12 month and the little apple hat and booties in newborn plus the carseat blanket. I am absolutely done knitting shower gifts, I promise! :rofl:

Cute! Just spin 'em around and make applesauce! LOL Those really are sweet~

How cute!!

Those are darling!

They are so adorable. Nice work.

Those are adorable - great work!!! :heart:

What an adorable set. That is going to be a well dressed baby.

How precious! Very “yummy”.

Those are absolutely adorable!!

Those are so very cute!

So incredibly Cute
this is not from a pattern, at least not a free one
its WAY to cute, right now I M sorry I don’t know anyone who is having a baby

Did you hear something? That was me, squealing out in delight! That is an absolutely adorable set!!! Too darned cute!

You are definately done making shower gifts!! What a bunch of treasures you have whipped up. Everyone will be in awe.

:inlove: too cute!!

Adorable! It is a cute set!

That is absolutely the cutest hat I’ve ever seen, I want to knit one for myself!

Very cute!

These are Precious!

Nonny, that is just scrumtious!!! What a lucky baby to have someone like you in his/her life. You are truly talented!

too cute:)