Something so good for a change with me

Ds is 5 and has been a terrible eater since i was talked into changing him from home cooked food to processed (something i regretted the day i started it). he would refuse to eat anything that was home cooked.

He is now eating every fruit and veg i ever give him (this has only started in the past couple of months).
Today he ate pasta for the first time and loved it.

This is so so so much better for him, and me not having to cook 3 different meals everyday, now just 2 (vegie and meat).

I’m a little :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: right now

That is great news Susi :slight_smile: I am so glad you stuck with it . I know that it is really hard work but when it does start working out , It is fantastic.
Well done :slight_smile:

He’s thrilled about it as well which is even better. He been promised a new toy when we go out next time for being such a good boy and eating it :happydance: .

He’s asked for it for dinner again, im not going to over do it i thin a couple of days time would be great to have it again (i get this strange feeling we will be eating a lot of pasta now :teehee: ).

next thing to concer is the sleep issue. step one has already been started, just a wait and we will crack it haha

yes, i am glad i stuck with it, i actually faught my family on this one. i would cook him something, he’d do the noraml thing of refusing to even try it. i would refuse to give him anything else until the next propper meal, then it would be something like it again if not the same. my parents used to sneak him food when i wasnt looking!! it would have happened sooner, but im just thrilled it has happened. it means when he starts school he can stay for lunch and give me a total day to knit cloud9

Go Susi, go Susi, go Susi.:woot:

That’s great! :cheering: