Something Neat That Happened Today!

New Year’s Eve, while watching my Auburn tigers play in their bowl game (some of you were in the chat room with me yelling OFFENSE and DEFENSE when appropriate), I registered for a free Chick-fil-A breakfast sandwich. Chick-fil-A was sponsoring the game.

Anyhow, today, when I got home, I checked my mail and discovered I had a Chick-fil-A calendar, with coupons on the bottom of each month, along with an envelope that had my coupon for the free breakfast sandwich.

At the bottom of the paper with the free breakfast sandwich was a Chick-fil-A gift card looking thing with instructions to have them check to see if it was loaded with any $$.

Noticing that January’s coupon was going to expire today, I decided to run over there. Mustn’t let something free get away, eh? So, I grabbed the card and coupon and drove to the one closest to me.

Placing my order for the free sandwich, along with some other food, I remembered the card, and a little sheepishly (I get embarrassed at stuff like this), read off the instructions. The guy zipped it through and then handed it to me.

“Well, was there anything on it?” I asked.

“Oh yeah,” he said.

“Well, how much?” I asked.

“Oh, quite a bit,” he said.

“Um, like how much, exactly?” I asked.

“Well,” said the teenager, “Let’s see…looks like you have about $85 left.”


Yep…I won a $100 gift card. Me, who never, ever wins anything. Apparently, 150,000 cards were sent out with 2,000 being winners. :happydance:

I must have been showing my blonde roots cause I still didn’t really get it. Then, the guy standing in line behind me offered to let me buy his food too. At that point, I got it. :teehee:

Anyway, it really perked up my day. I think the kid who rang up my order got a kick out of it too. He kept grinning afterwards.

What a very nice surprise, though. I’ve been very stressed lately with two proctored mid-terms to prepare for, and work has been nuts.

Just had to share…

Yay for you! I hope you can use the card past today, that is a lot of money to lose out on!

The gift card doesn’t expire today. It was the January coupon for a free sandwich that expired.

I’m hoping to hold on to the card until we go to Las Vegas for a soccer tournament in March. We’ll be flying and will have a bit of a layover in Atlanta. I believe they have Chick-fil-A restaurants in the airport, so it will save me some money.

Congrats!! you really needed a pick me up !! good luck on your midterms. I hope you ace it!! :cheering: :cheering:


Yay! That’s so awesome. :smiley:

Boy is my hubby ever jealous of your Chik Fil A gift card !! We only have one “near” us and it really isn’t near the house or work - but rather the grocery store so guess who doesn’t mind going grocery shopping with me now :slight_smile:

We have two in town, and then there’s another one on the beach, where one of my company’s offices is located. But, we did decide to save the rest for when we go on our trip. It will save us a bunch of money on food on the days we have to travel. Being stuck in an airport all day gets expensive when the kids are bored and there’s nothing to do but eat (and feeding teenagers is not cheap!).

Now…if only I could win a Starbucks gift card. I would be all over their double chocolate frappuchino (can’t stand coffee).

What a nice surprise Auburnchick! Never been to one and don’t think they are too close to me but maybe next time I see one I will stop in and check them out…

well good for you! How fun. It’s nice to have that sort of thing happen. As a side note, I got a Starbucks card for Christmas, $25 on it, used it once. Then baby girl raided my wallet and I thought I got all the cards in until I went to use it…it was gone. So, I mentioned it to my dh and he said “uh oh. I threw one out the other night, I thought you gave it to them to play with…it was in the toy bin.” :frowning: So no lattes for me this week!

Oh no, Beth! What a shame!!! Oh well…just go out and get yourself another one, courtesy your dh’s checkbook. :thumbsup:

I just love Chick-fil-A. I love the way they run their business (not open on Sundays) and how clean their employees always look.

Course, I love the atmosphere of Starbucks too, even though I don’t like the smell of coffee. There’s nothing like hearing, “Venti Hot Chocolate.” :teehee:

Today was your lucky day. I have never been to Chick-fil-A. We don’t have them in Canada, so I must look out for them next time I am in the U.S.

How cool is that?!! I love Chik Fil A. :cheering:

That is just awesome!! It’s nice to know that good things still happen to nice people!!

Congratulations!! I LOVE Chik-fil-a!! However, I must confess, I did burn out a little when they put one in on the first floor of the building I used to work in!! However, now I’ve moved and once again love the rare treat!!
Oh, and [SIZE=5][B][COLOR=darkorange]W[/COLOR][COLOR=blue]A[/COLOR][COLOR=darkorange]R[/COLOR] [COLOR=blue]E[/COLOR][COLOR=darkorange]A[/COLOR][COLOR=blue]G[/COLOR][COLOR=darkorange]L[/COLOR][COLOR=blue]E[/COLOR]!!![/B][/SIZE]

Yay!!! I love Chick Fil A too! Fantastic lemonade.

OH! Chik-Fil-A. I miss them…they are purely south, and they are too smart to move up here to freezing, snowy, blowy, cold Michigan.

MMMMMMN…but those sandwiches! When we were in Texas for a week in October, we ate there twice.

[SIZE=6]:woot: LUCKY YOU!:woot: [/SIZE]

I agree! Chick-Fil-A ROCKS! :cheering:
(My hubby is a Chick-Fil-A manager.) :teehee:

Oh, and by the way,

You can use them [U]FOREVER[/U]. Trust me. Try it sometime, and you’ll see.

I use coupons that are 5 years old sometimes, and they always accept them. (And they don’t know that my hubby is a manager. I use the coupons at other locations.)

Yeah, that’s what my dh told me later. He explained that even though the expiration date might say “January 31, 2008,” they will still let you use them. Regardless, it got me through the door a lot sooner. :teehee:

I think it’s so cool that you won the gift card.
Now, you’ll be able to try everything they make! :wink:
My favorites are the Chicken Strips and the Carrot-Raisin salad. (although I can’t eat the salad on my low carb diet. :pout: )

I miss their shakes too. They are delicious! :inlove: