Something Lovely this Way Comes

Yesterday I recieved a box of yarn in the mail. It has the most wonderful yarns that I couldn’t hope to have and yet here they are! Hand painted yarn! Sock yarns! Italian yarn! Green Mountain Spinnery 100% New England wool yarn! For my daughter who can’t wear wool there some wonderful 100% acrylic Loops & Threads Charisma, colorway Ashes!

I was like a kid at Christmas! To make it even better, my daughter and grands stopped in and when they got to my door, there was the box. I opened it and we all oohed and ahhed together and sorted yarn and bagged it to keep it clean.

I’m forbidden by my yarn angel to tell you who did it and that I must honor. The rule is if you’re not supposed to tell who dunnit and you do, the yarn turns to dust, right?

To my yarn angel: :muah: :muah: :muah: Thank you!

Wow, fabulous! Couldn’t happen to a better person. Enjoy and please do let us see photos of the end products.

That is awesome!! You might just be spoiled with the good yarns now! :thumbsup:

Also…you need to take a pic! That won’t give away the yarn angel. :wink:

Lucky you, having a yarn angel! Enjoy…and pics please!

I will try to do pics. No promises but I might have a solution to my camera problem soon. :slight_smile:

Way cool! Where do you get these yarn angels? If he or she will pay for the yarn and the shipping, then I need about 50 of them (oh, and a bigger house with more storage, too, please).

I just ordered some yarn from Yarn Paradise. Even with the shipping from Turkey, you get a [U]lot[/U] of yarn for a fairly low price!! Fun! Fun!

By request :muah: Thanks for asking!

I know I missed some, as I said I’d already put them away. My DS is helping me with pics, soon I should be able to do my own.

Antares, I’m not exactly sure how it happened. I just know I feel like I won the lottery. I can play with yarn that I didn’t even hope to have. I feel like a rich *itch!

I just clicked your link, it does indeed look fun! Thanks for posting it.

Those are beautiful! You’ll have such fun knitting with them!

Thx for the photo; good-looking yarns, all of them. :slight_smile:

What a stunning variety of yarn! It’s hard to know where to start but you’re up for the difficult jobs. Enjoy planning out your projects and many thanks to the yarn angel.

Those are great looking yarns!!! Have fun knitting with them. Make sure you take pics when you get something knitted. Love the red!!
I keep telling my husband when I come home with more yarn that I need to buy all of this now as when I retire I won’t be able to afford it. At least it’s a good excuse. He buys his books and other sports related things and I buy yarn. Don’t we make a fine pair. Will need to add on to the house if we keep adding stuff.
DH keeps eyeing my craft closet for more bookcases and I keep saying no way!!! Gotta love 'em!!!

Thanks for posting the picture! Those are so beautiful–how can you put them out of sight?

ABC: Yeah, every time my husband buys an expensive new toy (a new gun or, lately, bowfishing stuff), I remind him how much yarn is equal to his toy. I’m just teasing him, though. Even I have to admit that I don’t need THAT much yarn.

Beautiful yarn! Yarn mail is the bestest. :slight_smile:

Well that’s such a nice story, GrumpyGramma! What a pleasant surprise! At the beginning of your story, I though maybe you had ordered the yarn yourself…and you were excited about DELIVERY DAY! but now I’m thinking…it was a box of GIFTED YARN! YAY!

Yup. All I paid was postage. I’m still pinching myself to see if I’m awake. :wink:

I wish I had a Yarn Fairy :frowning: I have to buy all my own yarn.