Something like an icord

I have just finished knitting a really lacy scarf that I am very happy with. It is a small triangle scarf, and I intended to knit an i-cord, maybe with beads in it, to hang off the end pieces that wrap around my neck. I think it needs some finishing touch like this, but…

is there something a little fancier than an i-cord I could make? It seems a little plain, but I am still a newbie and I am not exactly sure what it needs.

Suggestions please?

I don’t know if it’s fancier, but you could make a chain stitch, like the foundation chain in crochet. You don’t even need a hook you can do it with your fingers - make a slip knot and pull the yarn through the loop, tighten it a little, then pull the yarn through again, keep making loops like that. This tutorial on a crochet chain st may help you, just use a finger instead of a hook.