Something I've been debating

For years…

Whether or not to get wooden or bamboo interchangeables. Can’t decide…

I just got the Knitter’s Pride Dreamz and they are fabulous :slight_smile:

I love bamboo but I think I am starting to love these more.

As with all things knitting, needle preference is such a personal choice. I can only recommend going with whichever one feels best to you, and if possible test driving each kind before committing to a full set of either.:knitting:

I’ve decided that I’m going to get the Knitter’s Pride Dreamz set. It’s been since 2008 since I got a new set of interchangeables, so I figure it’s about time. I was going to go with the KP Harmonies, but from what I’ve heard their tips are a lot blunter than what they used to be.

dreamz are fantastic, very smooth- if my hiya’s are busy, its the dreamz i grab :muah:

I’d get a comby set with both first and find out which ones you like better then buy the set you enjoy more

Yeah Impulsive me didn’t do that. I am just gonna have to buy all three sets :roflhard: