Something funny for Cat Lovers

It took me a second to understand the chart but once I got it I could not stop laughing. It is SO true. Everytime I see my cat I say SOMETHING along the lines of “YOU HAVE FUR!” or “MEOW! MEOW!”

:teehee: That IS true!


I always gush something, “How’s my big fat buddy” is usually first:roflhard:

You have to wonder what they are thinking when they just sit there and stare at you. My cat lets her feelings be well known. If she does not like something I say to her, she sits and stares at me for a minute and then starts licking her ummm private parts. I usually say “well, I guess I’ve been told.”

:teehee: so true! I usually say “You’re a boy cat!” or girl if I’m talking to Hazel.

The staring thing just kills me. I usually end up just saying “WHAT?!” and mine will usually quit staring then and walk off.
This morning my husband was eating a bowl of cereal rather loudly and while on the sofa while he was putting on his shoes to leave for a work thing he had to do. Our cat stared at him as if she was totally disgusted by his manners. I could just hear her saying to herself…“what a slob, how unrefined and tasteless to eat like that!”:roflhard: This comes from an animal that feels she must lick herself all over after a good meal.

haha I get all of those too. Usually if my fatty Boots doesn’t like that I petted him he will proceed to get up and move out of reach and then clean the spot where I petted him.

Boots is the one that does the disgusted staring too… and I will also sit there screaming WHAT? WHAAAT? He’s a big suck tho. Give him some canned food or fruit and he will love me forever… for the rest of the day. haha.

:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard: This is so true. I made a point of not using goo goobaby talk to my son when he was a baby but give a dog or a cat and I turn into mush. :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

OMG, I’ve said the stoopidest things to my cats. We’ve had Binky longer, and I’ve said “you have fur! you’re a cat! kitty meow-meow!” all the time! The new one, Emmit, gets told “you’re a kitten!” I especially perplex myself as to why I tell them both, “you two know you’re not supposed to do that!” when they are being naughty. Um, like they understand English…don’t they? :??

Of course they do! At least mine does. Mulder is so much smarter than me though. I can be absolutely determined not to give him another bowl of water because I just gave him one a half hour ago but he just sits by the bowl and stares at me-he can do it for hours-until I do.

Yay! XKCD is my favourite online comic! I have so many of them saved and printed out… Indra (my cat) always looks at me funny when I say ‘are you a kitty cat?’ at her…

And she is most likely thinking…"Duh, if you don’t know by now, a fact you probably learned in kindergarten, then I sure as heck ain’t gonna confirm it for you…woof " :roflhard: