Something fun

This last week has been nuts at our house… 2 birthdays, (my youngest daughter turned 4) and then our next door neighbor’s daughter turned 4 as well), my 5 year anniversary, Mother’s Day. LOL

Anywho, Tori’s (neighbor’s daughter) birthday party was held at a farm near us. During our time there, they decided to shear the sheep. So I took my kids to watch that. At that time, it didnt occur to me because i had my hands full helping with kids but as i thought about it later…

I wish I would have had a picture of the those sheep beforehand along with some good picture editing software. I would have made a picture of me, knitting straight from a sheep, just for the humor of it. :roflhard:

You’ll just have to go BACK there! Id LOVE to see that one! :rofling:

That woulda been great!!! :roflhard:

Unfortunately, the sheep are already done. :smiley:

OH. I just figured…I get a haircut every 8 weeks. :shifty:


Maybe we better use mine… i need one about every 2 (3 if im going for the shaggy look).

sheesh that’s kind of high maintenance, KK!

Joel, I think your knitting directly from the sheep would be a great NEW EMOTICON for Amy to give us!!!

Well, Hilde…Its not easy being this beautiful!! :rollseyes: