Something for the Guys

[size=4]For U.S. readers, Father’s Day fast approaches! For those who have knit all the socks, ties and scarves they dare, here is a quick and easy item to make for the men in your life. (Ladies like them, too.)[/size]

[color=darkblue]A bit of background on this - I’d bought my son a cotton terry backscrubber for Christmas and he liked it, but it wasn’t ‘scrubby’ enough. So, I rummaged through my tool box and found a small ball of sisal twine.

For those of you who haven’t seen sisal before, go to your local hardware store. It should be about 2-3 dollars a ball, and you’ll get at least 2 scrubbers out of it.

My sisal is about the weight of worsted wool, but it is much stiffer and hairy. I cast on a dozen stitches (leaving about a 2 foot tail) on size 10 needles and just knit away using the garter stitch. What I got was a rough, nubby strip about 3" wide. I knit till it measured about 18" in length. I bound off leaving a 2 foot tail. These tails I then chain stitched using a crochet hook. I attached the end of the chain to the end of the knitted strap to form U shaped handles.

This was not the kind of knitting I could do for hours on end, due to the stiffness of the sisal. I’d work until my hand felt cramped and then take a break. It is mindless knitting. Gauge is of little importance, as are fancy stitches.

If the sisal is too rough to suit you, cotton twine also works. It is more pliant and will allow you to do more decorative stitches. I used the Trinity Stitch with a garter stitch border on one and it looks very handsome. It will polish your skin, rather than exfoliate.[/color]

[color=red]Back Scrubber[/color]

1 ball Sisal Twine or Cotton Cording
US Knitting Needles size 10 (or to your comfort)

Happy knitting! This and a bar of his favorite soap makes a quick, yet personal, gift.

Mrs. Bear, you NEVER cease to amaze me! Very creative idea indeed!