Something for my teacher!

I had a great great prof for two of my courses last year…she was GREAT! a great teacher…a great person…so nice and friendly…and i just LOVED her…

so now that I’m knitting…and I don’t think I’ll be having any other courses with her…I’m thinking about knitting her something pretty…maybe a shawl or something…not sure what I want to knit her but it just have to be easy! I’m a begginer…and even though I’m willing to take a bit of challenge…I can’t take much cause I’ll be busy between school and my volunteer work so I want something that I can knit up fairly quick…
any suggestions???

she’s in her 40s…have a couple of kids…wouldn’t say she’s ‘big’… dresses like most women her age do! and I have no clue what would be the colors she likes…

I kno I didn’t offer much help there! but that’s all i have!:shrug:

thanks a lot!:yay:

EDIT: forgot to say that I would also like something that wouldn’t require a ton of fancy yarn…cause after all I’m a student with no job! :slight_smile:

It’s not a shawl obviously but couldn’t not suggest this dishcloth. You could do several in different colours.

true!! don’t know why i didn’t think of dishcloths!
thank u :slight_smile:

I am big on washclothes. The cotton yarn is inexpensive and there are tons of patterns out there. How about a basket with a couple washclothes in pretty colors and maybe a decorative hand soap, or bath & body works stuff smells good. I think it would be personal and if she has kids it would be something she may not always buy herself. Being someone that age :slight_smile: my kids always get everything first, so I don’t always buy things to pamper myself much.

I know I’d love to get that too!:slight_smile: and I’m not even a mom and I have plenty of time for me!!:happydance:

thank u! good idea!

You are very welcome…anytime.