Something for a man for summer

This has been my second winter of knitting. Last year I stopped for summer and started again in November, but this time I think I ought to keep on going. Anyway, what is there that a man can knit for himself in spring and wear in summer? I’ve got a pile of scarves and hats now, and the beginnings of a sweater, but it’ll be too hot to wear in the coming months. I’m open to any pattern suggestions!

A nice cotton sweater!! Or how about a lightweight throw in a cotton or silk yarn.


A muscle tank top , sandle socks , or a beach towel .

You could get a head start on your Christmas knitting so just about anything in that category. Or maybe a rug or two for your apt?

Rugs, pillows for your home, start Christmas gifts is great. I was thinking the other day I ought to get started, it is hard to get in the mood for it this time of the year, but come Christmas time when you are “in the mood” you will be happy you started!

Hi JOe! Years ago I made my husband a beautiful cotton sweater. It wasn’t that hard, very simple stockinette but I did it in stripes and used beach colours, it was really nice (well I just gave it away to my dad actually) baby blue, soft yellow, and cream.

A cotton vest would be nice to if you wear those!