Something challenging. FOUND MY CHALLENGE

I found my new challenge…

I have knit 2 socks at a time, side by side… so now i am going to try this

I am just finishing up a sweater (using fingering weight yarn!) and do not have another project lined up (weird!)

I really want to do something that will challenge me.

I have knit almost everything from simple, to complex lace or stranded color work… Socks on size 1 needles to afghans on size 15 needles (and every size in between).

Does anyone have a project that is challenging that they loved?

I am not looking for a huge project (due with baby #3 in may… So something i can finish in a somewhat timely fashion!)
*i am a fast knitter.

Have you tried entrelac? It’s actually pretty easy, but can be challenging at first.

Entrelac is a great idea.
I don’t know if you’re up for another baby blanket but this one is different, challenging and fun to do.
I also love this book by Alice Starmore for aran sweaters. They’re never boring.

Congrats on baby 3. That’s great news!

A sweater in fingering weight. :passedout: I’ve always wanted to make one, but I’m not sure I’d have the patience to finish it! Good for you! Please share in What’cha knitting!

i have… once i got the hang of it it bored me! i still have the scarf on the needles somewhere! hahaha

it was fun until i got into the rhythm… i think the biggest problem with it was the yarn i was using

oh i like the look of that blanket!

its only taken me about a month of knitting after the kids go to bed (so maybe an hour or two a night, but i don’t knit every night)… its pretty

this is the pattern i used (but made the sleeves longer)

That’s very cute!

Maybe it’s time to take up a new craft–crochet maybe or tatting? How about Tunisian crochet?

I noticed in Ravelry that you can sort by difficulty level. Have you tried that?

i crochet, sew, quilt, paint… lol, i don’t need a new craft! hahaha

I love knitting

i didn’t know you can sort by difficulty… i will check that out! thanks

That is a marvelous and very pretty sweater!

Challenging differs from person to person: Right now, I’m working on Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Baby Surprise Jacket. For me, it’s been an easy knit so far given that it’s all in garter stitch, but it is knit all in one piece and has only two seams one at each shoulder. It folds up like origami into the cutest little thing I’ve seen in a very long time.:sun:

I’m almost done but the knitted work looks like a knitters nightmare of a topological map, and though almost finished I’m still not sure how it will fold up neatly into a sweater. That was what motivated me to make the thing…:cool:

It may be an entertaining and useful knit for you with wee bairn number three due soon.

I’ve made several BSJ sweaters, Charlotte. They are fun!

updated original post

What’d you decide on?

I’ve seen that before and always thought it could be used to make extra warm house socks!

GG see original post. :hug:

Thanks. I need a coffee IV. If I tried that I’d end up with a double thick sock. Good choice for a real challenge IMHO.

Fingering weight? Sorry I don’t use alot of different yarns yet. In practicing my new found knitting I’m using “stiffer” yarn instead of the softer weights so I can really see the stitch.

Yarn weight really doesn’t have anything to do with softness. Fingering weight is thin yarn that’s a good weight for socks. Unless your making lace you usually use needles sized between 00-2. So very tiny.

Sweet! That IS challenging. :yay: The first time I saw that, I was fascinated but cringed at the same time. Maybe after I refine my skills a bit more. LOL

Please let us know what you think of the technique, once you’re into the thick of it.:mrgreen:

What a fun project! Enjoy the challenge.