Something a bit Unconventional (Ideas?)

So, im trying to finish this hat for a friend, which was sort of free-formed based on one i saw on a website, but sadly did not contain a pattern, only a short caption :sad:

But the problem ive run into is the part where I need to knit a couple I-cords out of pipe cleaner to make antennae. I tried to figure it out myself, hopeing if i just went for it, it would prove easier than expected, but no…

Anyone have an idea on how to do this? It must be possible, because the creator of the original noted that this is exactly how she made the antennae. Please and Thank you :slight_smile:

Considering the center wire of pipe cleaners would it be easier to braid the antennae? I’m thinking of the method I remember from Boy Scouts where you use four pieces of material and fold them over each other to create a “square” lanyard.

Is the entire I-Cord actually knitted using pipecleaners, or is the pipecleaner inserted into the centre of the I-Cord after it’s been knitted so that it holds it’s shape? I don’t get how you could knit using pipecleaners …

I would not consider knitting with pipe cleaners, either. They can not be thin enough.
Do you have a link to that page? maybe we can figure it out by looking at it or come up with a valid method to create a look-alike?

The cleaner inserted into the I-cord sounds good to me.