Someone's probably already asked this, but

I haven’t been here in a while, so I dunno.

Where is a good place to buy discount yarns? I’m not worried about needles; I can easily make those myself. But I really don’t have a lot of money at ALL, as I only work 2 days/week. So I need somewhere very inexpensive. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just decent. As it stands, I’ve only got 3 or 4 skeins to my name. I am so ashamed! :pout:
I’m looking for somewhere either on line or in Baltimore.

And what are some good yarns to buy? There’s so much to choose from, no matter WHERE you buy from!:think:

i really love knitpicks. i know others have had luck with ebay. you can also try elann.

big:hug:to you. i remember being a student and lusting after yarn. :heart:

In a pinch I like Caron Simply Soft - it’s acrylic, but very soft and I just bought some on sale at AC Moore a few days ago for $1.99 - you can’t really beat that. The regular price isn’t much higher, maybe $2.49.

I think some Walmart stores even carry it.

You can find some nice things in clearance at the craft stores sometimes too, if you are willing to dig.

The problem with SmileysYarns is that they’ve got a min. delivery requirement of $40.

WalMart carries some decent yarns and some really crappy yarns, but you can find some good deals there. I can find Lion Brand yarn, which is good, and Patons, which is slightly better, at Michaels. KnitPicks has great prices. has good deals on yarns, too - if you happen to like a discontinued color, you can get yarn for incredible prices there. I learned about Little Knits ( here on KH. They have some good sales that you can watch, too.

As for which yarns are good yarns to buy - it all depends on what you’re making. You can use just about anything for scarves - different yarns give you different looks, and they’re a great way to experiment with different yarns. You can get Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn at WalMart or Michaels and that’s good for dishclothes. I like the Lion Brand Wool Ease for afghans, since you can machine wash it if you need to.

I really like The Sheeps Shed Studio in Wyoming for Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. They don’t have a huge color selection, but if you check often enough, you’ll get good finds. I also like their Brown Sheep Wildfoote sock yarn. Look under Carol’s Super Specials and scroll down.

I love Knit Picks, and scour ebay like it’s my business. I personally do NOT like Little Knits - I’ve ordered from them a few times, and I’ve never ever had a positive experience with them. But their prices are good.

WalMart also carries Simply Soft at about $2.09 regular price. This site - - has nice yarns by the bagful at a good price.


I would do Knitpicks or cotton at Walmart or a craft store. Cotton lace is very pretty. :slight_smile:

You could also check out thrift stores (there can be some lovely surprises there) and dollar stores (I’ve seen some novelty yarns at one that are $5 in craft stores). You probably won’t have a lot of choices at either place, but the price is right.

I really really like the Caron Simply Soft. It’s inexpensive yarn, but it is so soft and feels solid to work with, if that makes sense. Not like cheap yarn at all.

Ah, thrift stores! If you have the time to take a look in the ones near you once a week or so until you find something. I found bags of beautiful Tahki wool at a local thrift shop for $1.99 each. You can always find acrylics at the thrift stores, for even cheaper than retail.

You could also buy some nice sweaters at the thrift stores and recycle the yarn.

Michael’s sometimes has yarn for cheap, as does

recycling sweaters is great! i love that, and my thrift stores almost never have yarn… so thats what i do. found some pretty green ramie blend and a nice thin ribbon yarn sweater in turqoise. i would second ebay too. i have bought some lovely wool by the bag for less than $30 from jojoland and yarnbow often has good buys too on ebay.

You could also see if you have a freecycle list near you - it’s a great initiative to try and stop things that can still be used going to landfills. I’m on my local one, it’s a yahoo group and recently asked for any knitting paraphernalia and got a huge box of different yarns and an entire knitting course in folders, for free. You offer any of the stuff you have around that you don’t use, even if it needs repairing or whatever. It’s a great idea, I recommend it to anyone. My friend almost entirely kitted out her flat with old sofas and bookshelves that were perfectly useable.

Fi xx