Someone talk me into this!

Today is my birthday !!! Woohoo !!! I got some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket … and I know what I want to buy… but I always get scared about spending money and talk myself out of it. I really would like to buy this book

but I need a boost in the right direction lol! Tell me to buy it hehe. Tell me I need it !! Tell me I want it and I should just go ahead and get it lol.

:mrgreen: Just need a little motivation lol.

Happy Birthday!! :present:
If you really want it you should get it, you know you deserve to treat yourself to something nice on your birthday!

Dooooooooooo eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttt!!! :mrgreen: :rofl:

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday! :present:

Go ahead and spoil yourself. You deserve it!

Happy birthday! :balloons:

I think you should buy it. You bitrhday only comes once a year, who knows when this kind of oppertunity will pop up?

Woohoo !!! I just bought the book. I bought it from the used section and it ended up being cheaper than the Amazon price and that includes shipping!! I hope to get it a little after Labor Day. Sure it takes a bit longer but hey lol I’M CHEAP!!! :roflhard:

Books are always a good investment. :slight_smile:

Way to go! Now you’ll have more money left over for yarn! :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. Eat some extra cake and icecream for me, wont’ you? Thinking about birthdays has suddenly given me a craving.

:cheering: Woo hoo!!

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your book!

Happy Birthday Spooky! :balloons:

Your new :present: looks cute. Can’t wait to see an FO. :smiley:

[color=red][size=7]HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY[/size][/color]

Knitted Babes has been a big hit at our house. My 9 year old dd sleeps with her Ms. Ruby every night, and Ms. Ruby goes on vacation with us too. They are so much fun to make :x: I say go for it!

Happy Birthday!! :cheering: :cheering:
First of all, birthday money should never ever ever EVER be spent practically, not on bills, not on groceries, not on “something you need” unless what you need makes you happy giddy and excited!!!
Pretend that the person that gave you the money actually bought you the book…wouldn’t that be awesome!!!

and lastly… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Happy Birthday, Spooky!!! I just had my birthday on the 16th, and guess what I bought myself with some birthday money? :wink: More yarn, and I made a shawl for myself in under a week as a post-birthday-present-to-me gift! The cover of the dolls looks TOO CUTE–you should buy it and make a really funky knitted babe for yourself and knit her some really cool outfits!!! It would be fun to try out little fashions on her, and think of how quickly her clothes would knit up because they’re so tiny! Treat yourself and go for it!!! And let us know how difficult the dolls are and post pix.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :muah: I am glad you got the book. You deserve it !

beckyrhae: CHOW-YAN-FAT !!! :heart: Isn’t he sizzling or what !!!??? :passedout:

Thank You very much for all the boosting and Happy Birthdays!!! My inner child thanks u !!!

:balloons: Happy birthday!