Someone smack me

I am having such a hard time concentrating on work today. I would sooooooooo rather be knitting right now. I have so many projects I would like to do. I keep checking out and Ravelry and patterns online and yarns online…and all the while I should be WORKING.


LOL-I sorta do the same thing even though I’m a stay-at-home mom; I should be out hustling up some breakfast and getting ready for a little trip we’re taking tomorrow (6 people to pack-help pack that is, it’s all the same to me, lol)…and what do I do? I plunk down here and go on KH :mrgreen:

Bad girl, get to work :teehee::stuck_out_tongue:

I have so much work to do, but right now I’m dreaming of what I can do with all the lovely yarn I bought (and hid) yesterday. Also it’s so grey, dull, and yucky here that all I want to do is curl up on the sofa, put on a movie, and knit! Then again, I’ve been feeling this way for a week or so. Very unproductive. Also makes me look odd as I’m constantly dashing to the printer to get all the patterns I’m printing off before anyone sees them!

I have a way of handling situations like this - I tell myself that for every hour of work i’m getting 5 min of internet - KH etc. And then I try to do that, which is harder :teehee:.

I am right with you! I have so much to do and all I want to do is knit or read post here!

I don’t have work, I have school. We had a two hour late start this morning so I was happy. :thumbsup: I want to knit so bad! :knitting: Wy don’t you quit your job and stay home knitting stuff and then selling them on Ebay? :teehee: :rofl:

Ronda I know what you mean I have got about 4 WIP’s at the moment and instead of sitting them I am logged on to KH or looking at yet more yarn!!!

Me too, supposed to be revising for two exams coming up tomorrow and so far i’ve looked at new yarn, patterns, read the new posts here, bought clothes and food and now i’m back on here again - i’m gonna fail!

I hear ya! I am at work and I AM knitting! I just messed up a row when I had to throw my work under my desk when someone popped in so I came on line for help fixing it up.

Ah yes, I actually like hearing that other people are out there not really working at work. It really makes me wonder what people were doing before the internet? Perhaps just talking by the water cooler?

iim there aswell

I should be knitting Christmas presents (Jayne hats, specifically, and a stocking for my nephling) but, well, I’ve been without my MacBook for 5 days and I just got her back on Friday and what better way to bond with her than with KH?

I thought about this thread all day… :rofl: I work for myself… I was supposed to be doing my invoicing (like my mom says, “if I don’t bill, I won’t get paid”)… anyway… what was I doing???.. y’all can figure that out! (hint – it wasn’t invoicing). I will make it up tomorrow… I Promise, Mom!:wink: (But I do make sure the actual “jobs” get done… just put off the admin part of stuff.)

I hear ya, Lisa. I get paid on production NOT by the hour. Any time spent goofing off means I either make less money or I work longer into the day! I’m also self-employed, and I work at home, so I don’t have to worry about the boss walking in the office. :slight_smile:

I know how this goes too. I’m student night security at my college and i’ve tried before to knit and work. Problem is, I walk the whole time so it’s a bit hard. I can only wonder how i’ll try to knit/ crochet once i get a full time job out there in the real world.

[I]Aaaand.[/I]… to compound the problem… not only am I NOT making money… usually I am spending it!!!:rofl:

Well I’ve flown across the continent for meetings and instead of preparing my presentation last night I knit instead. Now it’s all really messed up by the time change etc. Instead of stressing and freaking I’m on here and googling for a local yarn store that I can get to easily from my hotel. Luckily such a thing doesn’t seem to exist.
Anyone know of a yarn store in the vicinity of Stanley Park in Vancouver?? Save me from my work!!! I need to touch yarn!

pssst, Ronda, over here. See this yarn? Isn’t it pretty? Feel how soft it is!! Don’t you just want to knit something up? Say it’s for the boss, s/he won’t mind! Come on. You know you want to!
The enabler,

at least you guys have work to do while you are at work!! it is soooooo slooooowww, i don’t have anything to do besides look on the internet. but they block EVERYTHING so there is only so much to look at. as you can imagine, kh takes up a good chunk of internet time.