Someone posted about tinking

…not too long ago. That post came in handy last night. I started a new project and realized that I had knitted more than half a row that was supposed to be purled. I was only 5 rows into the project. Normally, I would have frogged it and started all over. Because of the post I read on tinking, I decided to give that a try, and it worked! Whoever you are, thank you!!! :muah:

Congratulations! Tinking is so liberating! Before I learned to tink I had to start completely over each time I made a mistake, which was very frustrating. Now mistakes aren’t such a big deal.

I missed that post…what is tinking? Thanks

tinking is knitting backwards.
k n i t

t i n k

I do it by using the left needle tip to follow the yarn back through the last stitch(s) and once they are on the neddle slipping the stitch from the right needle and pulling the yarn free.

cheley: I can’t remember if someone just posted that they tinked and I looked it up or if they posted a link to an article or video. (Yes, I’ve lost my mind.) Here is a good article though:

Here’s a thread on tinking from a week or so ago.

I have “always” done a “form” of that…now I know and see why my p’s are twisted (wrong) when I slip em…Thanks

You can always untwist them when you go to purl them again.

I discovered tinking when I first started knitting. It seemed like the most logical way to fix a problem. I find I use it less the more I knit, but it is still very useful…heck, I tinked back 130 stitches in a row last night!

If I notice a little mistake a few rows down, like a purl instead of a knit or something, I treat it like a dropped stitch. I pull out a crochet hook and “undo” the stitches in question and “redo” the stiches with the crochet hook up to the current row that I’m working on. It is a lot easier than tinking back- especially if you have to go back several rows.

Tinking rules! :notworthy: