Someone PLEASE reprimand me

i just pout a little and say pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze. then i get it… but most of the time i just buy it without DH knowing… he asked me one day how i keep getting more yarn and needles and he never sees me buy it… :shifty: i say oh my grandmother (at the LYS) gave it to me!! hee hee

Ok… since no one else will do this…


Feel better now?


Lonnie and I are just happy to indulge one another’s hobbies, no fuss, no muss. If it makes me happy, he’s thrilled! And I feel the same about him and his hobbies :D. Although, I will confess that he surprises me with mine much more than I do with his bc I don’t know exactly what to get when it comes to keeping up with all of his electronics; guitars, etc, etc…I surprise differently :wink:
I just decided that I had better EDIT before something is said…I leave notes in his lunch, send cards and/or small gifts to work, etc.

gazing at it like a jilted lover

I was at my LYS over the weekend and got to feel Malabrigo wool…and this is exactly how I feel. I keep going to sites that carry it, just so I can look at it some more. It’s unbelievable.

That’s it. Get him drunk and passed out–you can carry in anything then! :roflhard:

JOELY LOUISE! :mad: YOU are now OFFICIALLY on KH PROBATION! We will have NO MORE of THAT nonsense!

JOELY LOUISE! :mad: YOU are now OFFICIALLY on KH PROBATION! We will have NO MORE of THAT nonsense![/quote]

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

You guys are soooo fun.

Note. To. Self - Vodka. Good thing there’s an ABC (liquor store) on the corner of the intersection of my LYS/ :happydance:

:rofling: Just adore this name. Wonder if it will stick … will the DW start using it?


JOELY LOUISE! :mad: YOU are now OFFICIALLY on KH PROBATION! We will have NO MORE of THAT nonsense![/quote]

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

You guys are soooo fun.[/quote]

Glad to provide the entertainment… we’ll be here all week… check your local paper for show times. :wink:


My hubby is a knitting enabler thank goodness! He’s found advantages to me staying in one place on the couch. See he’s a cuddler and normally I’m running around doing this and that. Now i curl up with my needles and yarn like a cat and he can cuddle up against me,lol.

Since finding that knitting keeps me from nagging and keeps me on the couch during our TV shows instead of running around and asking him to tell me what happened, he’s grown very fond of my new hobby. :cheering: He thinks its “cute” to watch me rush in the door with my new aquirements and dissappear into a corner all by myself. He asked me the other day if I would prefer a needlemaster kit or a set of birch hand-made needles from santa. :happydance: Of course I said BOTH!!! :rofling: :thumbsup:

OMG…I just got some (Malabrigo) too Julie! It’s so YUM!

lacedolphin…that is so cute! My DH is sort of the same way (cuddler anyway). Now I just have to convince him I can talk, knit and watch TV at the same time.

GOOD ANSWER, GOOD ANSWER!!! :cheering: :cheering:
I was right…my ADDI’S came in the mail today :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

YAY!!! New addi’s. Have you fondled them yet?

:smiley: You know me so well…I have played with them & wished that they were size 2 bc that’s what I’m using now! I’m going through the buy a couple of sets a payday until I have come the 100% addi snob…I would have done it long ago had I known about Jeff_wonderland @ Ebay and/or!! But, I didn’t, so I know now & have begun the process :smiley: and I am happy, happy, happy :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

Ummmm, I think you may be in the wrong place to be stopped from buying more yarn! I think most of us here buy all we can whenever we can. Sorry! :slight_smile:

Rebecca, can you please, please give me more info about this place? I can’t get there, and of course, being the addict that I am must know about all new places you all are shopping!!! Is the site down maybe??

TIA! Even though I am a bambooaholic, those addi’s are SOOOOOOO nice for some yarns I think I will have to get them in each size as well. OY! And I though fragrances were addicting!