Someone please make me understand

Someone please make me understand why Karabella charges $50 for a CATALOGUE!!! :shock: :?? WFT?

HOLY CRAP!!! :shock:

It had better contain the whole of every pattern ever WRITTEN for that price! And, it should come with BATTERIES!

That’s ridiculous! I did notice that they wanted company name and address. Maybe it’s for retailers.

Stupid, in my opinion!

TOTALLY!! I was clickin’ about at all their patterns and such, then came across the catalog link and was like, “Oh goodie! I’ll take a catalog.”

hahaha … well … in short, YEAH RIGHT!!! I’ve still got my interchangeables on the to-get list!! :lol:

I think we should send them an email and ask WHY!!

Yes, why … why … WHY?? ekgheiy beats the floor w/ closed fists and tears in her eyes Whyyyyy?


:rollseyes: I just sent an email to them. Apparently the whole world is wondering about that fifty bucks 'cause they’ve exceeded their email quota. *sigh.

Yea It does need batteries because it vibrates! Really!

Sorry I really had to… Seriously though $50.00? :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Yep - seriously. Go to the website and click on the catalog link. Just put #1 into the quantity field and watch the badboy’s total spike to five’OH!!!

Whoa - I’m dizzy, man… :lol:

I guess they need the extra money for their spiffy web site!

I’ve seen spiffier…

And, YES, Mintdee…that’s what I was ALLUDING to without actually SAYING it. :roflhard:

hehee its wayyy more fun to say it :rofling:


HEY! You stole my reply! I was going to say that exact same thing … well, almost … I wasn’t going to say “spiffy.” I was going to say “fancy.”

Anyway, can’t wait to hear the explanation for this one. Jeez.

I e-mailed them and got this response:

Thank you for your request

We charge a nominal fee of $50 because we only sell wholesale and do not offer our catalog to retail customers. If you are a wholesaler a $50 credit will appear on your account upon placing of your initial order.

So, apparently you can’t get the catalog unless you are a wholesaler. That’s pooey!

Doesn’t “nominal” mean like a small amount? :?? I wonder how big this catalogue is that $50 is considered cheap…

Sounds to me like it is one of those big binders I have seen at my LYS with color cards in it for all of the yarn lines. I have a vendor – not yarn, a different kind of wholesaler – who worked like that (you buy the big binder for $50 and it is credited to you when you order) and it seemed pretty standard.

If that’s what it is…they shouldn’t call it a “catalog” though… :doh:

Yeah. They should call it A Big Fat Binder O’ Yarn. Sounds niftier too.

hey ekg~ you should check out ebay for your interchangeables too. the sell them for half the price sometimes than Hobby Lobby and Micheals and more than half than Joanns. is anyone eles relizing that Joanns is pricer (is that a word? :?? ) than most craft stores… i noticed that they even cost more than Hobby Lobby. i was always under the impression that Hobby Lobby cost more… :thinking:

I … loathe … E … bay … :help: But thanks for that thought :mrgreen: It should be too much longer before I get my inter’Cs though. I’ve resigned to the fact that Joann’s is not going to send me another 50% off coupon. 40% off is all I get … :verysad: