Someone new better register quick

because that gives me a (serious) panic attack. I am so superstitious is isn’t funny


we were at sixhundred sixty six people. Someone new has joined to make it 667

We had 666 registered users! :shock:

But now it’s 667, so I think we’re in the clear! :smiley:

Oooh that’s really creepy. I was at wal-fart the other day with housemate and our purchase rang up to six dollars and sixty-six cents at the self checkout. I told housemate to finish the checkout, as I was not touching it.

And when I read your post, Nik, a big clap of thunder happened.

whistles twilight zone song


Yikes, ladies! Numbers have no meaning to them at all until someone attributes meaning to them. No magical or mystical powers contained therein. Now I can understand being afraid of clowns, but numbers?

I refuse to ever ring up at that… I will always buy something else. A few times I have offered to buy a person ahead of me something if they ring up at that.