Someone explain how to do w&t?

Finally after a whole week finally managed to knit a sock…sort of lol!

I’m at the part of the heel now and i’m a little confused how to do this wrap and turn biz. Can someone guide me please. I’ve got 12 stitches on the needle i’ve got to work on and the other 12 are held on a stitch holder.

Patt is as follows:

k10, w&t
p9, w&t
k8, w&t…blah blah blah…

I’ve seen vides on what to do but im’ a little unsure as to whether I slip the stitches purl or knit wise when i wrap??? Can someone advise? I really dn’t have a clue what i am meant to be doing…

Slip it purlwise (so it doesn’t twist) and slip it back after doing the wrap.

after posting on this thread someone on ravelry broke the steps down for me so that helped. But thanks for that link :slight_smile:

ad2knit, I am in awe at your having knit a sock already! I bow to your knitting prowess, as I haven’t gotten that far along yet!

With right side facing and circular knitting needles, beginning at
underarm seam, pick up and k70 (76, 80, 86, 90) sts evenly around
armhole. K27 (30, 32, 35, 37), place marker (1), knit next 16 sts
for sleeve cap, place marker (2), turn. Slip 1, p to 2 sts past marker
1, turn. Slip 1, knit to 2 sts past marker 2. Continue to work 2 sts
more each short row. No wraps necessary. When 14 sts remain at
underarm, knit across all sts. Working in the round, * k1, p1; repeat
from * around. Work even for 1”. Bind off

pattern at called Hotness Top

Hi and welcome to Knitting Help!
You’re doing short rows here to form the sleeve cap, adding in extra rows to give shaping to the top of the sleeve. After you pick up the stitches and place the marker turn the work as if you were at the end of the row. There’ll still be stitches on the left needle but ignore them for the moment, slip the first stitch and purl back to marker 1 and then 2sts past the marker. Again, turn the work to the knit side, slip the first stitch and knit to marker 2 and then 2sts past the marker. Turn again and keep repeating these rows going 2sts farther each time until there are 14sts total left unworked at the underarm. Now turn and work across all stitches to the end at the underarm, join and knit in the round to finish the sleeve.
Cute top!
BTW: You can always start a new thread of your own. It’ll get more attention as a new topic that way.

I prefer the German short row method: Video 1 and video 2.

Is this just showing adknit another way to do short rows? If its your own question please start your own thread.

Thanks! Here’s the finished sock…sock 2 is in progress

That’s adorable. You can just imagine it on a chubby little foot!