Somedays you just know

you shouldn’t pick up the needles. But for some reason you do it anyway… and then end up ripping out everything you have done :wall:

Note to self when tired P3 does NOT mean Purl 3 together :doh:

(((((HUGS))))) Nik!

yeah well i started a fairly simple drop stitch scarf last night and ripped it out THREEEEEEE times because i just couldn’t deal with how it looked!

soooo i put that yarn away before i completely trashed it and started a third afghan (because i am so far on the other two i have started! :rollseyes: )

but…yeah i am new enough that i would have assumed P3 did mean purl three! yiiiiiiiiiiiikes…lol

I so hear you on this. One night, I was soooo tired, but determined to start a cabled scarf. I ended up dozing off while I was knitting, and continued knitting while snoozing. I ended up with a jumble of knits and purls and no idea where the heck the pattern started or ended. And I did this for about three inches. Needless to say, it ended up in the frog pond.




Apparently. I didn’t even realize I’d done it until I came to. I didn’t say it was any good, though. I must have been in some sort of semi-sleeping state. I don’t know how else to explain it.



Fran said:

I ended up dozing off while I was knitting

That happened to me last night. Although I didn’t keep knitting. I’m sick so I took Nyquil, sat down and started kniting. Well next thing I know I’m almost fighting hubby for the needles when he tried to wake me up. :roflhard:
Then I thought ,on my way to bed, I wish I could sleep and knit at the same time. Think about all the time wasted. :lol: