Somebody slap some sense into me, please?!

Just, please, tell me one more time that I don’t need all the yarn in the world… :rollseyes:

This is freaky, man… is like an obcession… :shock:

I don’t even have projects for them! :oops:

My sweet DH bought me the cutest and huggest (I might add) bamboo hamper, so I could keep all the yarn there… awwww… :heart: Or…maybe he’s trying to tell me something… like… I need a frigging HAMPER to keep all my yarn! :rofling: :rofling:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:
“Hi my name is Sandra and I am a yarn addict”

What you have is called YAS or yarn aquisition syndrome. The only cure is to buy more yarn.

That will be $1,000.00 Thanks have a nice day

Do you accept credit card? :shifty:

If you can keep all your yarn in a hamper, there’s still hope. :wink: I don’t know what it is with most of us. We have enough to last YEARS, but still buy more.

So I guess what I’m saying is that asking for help here is like going to OTB to ask for help with your gambling habit.

“slap slap” (hits totalele with a couple skeins of yarn). hehehe.

My first thought was that he bought you a hamper as a hint for you to stop knitting and do the laundry! :lol: j/k

:rofling: Laundry is the only chore you can DO while knitting! Excuse me, it may look like I’m sitting here knitting, but do you HEAR the washer and dryer going? Thank you very much.

[size=2]What they don’t know is that you’ve been washing and drying the same clothes over and over for four hours.[/size] :wink:

(SIGH) . I was a yarn junkie…if I saw yarn, I had to buy some. The only way I’ve kept from spending all our household money on yarn was to become a YARN SNOB!! I never knew about that til I came to KnittingHelp. It was then I learned that there were yarns other than the things I saw at WalMart and Roses—yarns from across the tracks where I’d never been able to go!! Silky, soft, yummy beautiful yarn that cried out, “Look at ME!! Feel me, squeeze me, LOVE me. BUY me!!!” :inlove:

Now I have less yarn, but it’s snobby yarn!! Because I can’t afford to pay so much for these small balls of yarn, I have to have a project in mind and ALMOST a certainty that I’m going to MAKE said project-- usually for a gift!! True-- I still hoard the two bins of acrylics in my craft room…I swear I’m going to sell it, trade it, or give it to someone who needs it,!! One day soon…umm someday…really. :wink:

My name is Trudy. I’m a Yarn Addict. :wall:

My fear is that at some point, they’re going to figure out that the washer is going because I’m FELTING.


:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard:

Have you been watching ME??!! :rofling:

I don’t think my addiction would be nearly as out of control if it weren’t for the darn internet. Just think, pre internet, you had to actually go to a STORE for yarn :shock: Now I just click, click, click and here it is!

WOW, never thought of it that way Kemp :roflhard: :rofling: !!
And, I’m a firm believer in there’s no such thing as having enough yarn, books, magazines, needles, or knitting accessories :smiley:
Which reminds me…that’s why I’m online…I’m off to kpixie to order some yarn…

So Rebecca…what did you order???

Oh that is so true Kemp!! If I had to actually go to the store for much of anything, I would certainly spend a lot less money!

I was so bummed :frowning: bc kpixie didn’t have the yarn that I wanted, sold out, so I went to my trusty friend, Hollis @ & got 3 more skeins of my yummy mermaid mix karaoke yarn so that I can make a hat & fingerless gloves to go with my clapotis…I am so IN LOVE :inlove: with this yarn that I had to have the hat to match clapotis since I found the pattern already written (YAY!) and I will knit up some simple fingerless gloves to show off the yummy yarn :wink:

oooohhhh! That is pretty :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

That is very pretty yarn!! :heart:

Well, I now have justification for my stash and plan to continue to increase my supply of all knitting “stuff”. I was at Wal Mart and no matter what I go there for I have to at least walk through and check out the yarn and notions. There was a really really old old old husband and wife there … and he was telling her she needed this one kind of yarn and she was telling him that the other kind was what she needed … then he would go over to another bin and give her a huge amount of information about that yarn … it was very funny, but not funny… and I thought right then and there … THIS is why I have to stock up! Anyway … to avoid any scene like that with my dh … I will have plenty of supplies … and I am planning to live a long long time :slight_smile: so I need MORE.

You don’t…
You don’t need…

Well, I tried, but I cannot say that. I’m so sorry.