Somebody pat me on the back please! (seaming)

Good job! I just finished a shrug, and I’m sick of sewing the seams, even after the shoulder and attaching the sleeve. I am slightly confused, but more just frustrated that everything just doesn’t stay in place like I want it to. I’m thinking of taking to my LYS for help tomorrow, because one of the ladies there knows me and is always willing to help. I also have the problem of a bulky seam on the outside (in other words, it shows a lot). I can’t believe you have the endurance for that! Now that I know what you’re going through, I can appreciate it more! :teehee:

Me and you both. I just finish a sweater. I am hopping I have time to sew it together tomorrow. My first. :happydance:

I have a question. Which way is better. To hand sew with the yarn or do it on a sewing machine?

I think your sweater is lovely…the seaming is clean and crisp and the pattern is gorgeous. I would wear it (hint hint… :teehee: ).


Whew sorry, I got caught up in Easter celebrating and didn’t check back here!

Thanks Sarah for the compliment! I found it’s VERY IMPORTANT to be in a good mood, have a nice big empty table to work on, and do it (in my case) in the early part of the day when you feel like concentrating. And GO SLOW at first. The other funny thing is, it helps sometimes to stand up and look down at the rows and not get in there too close if you know what I mean. Step back. And be patient, and stop and smooth it all out to make sure it’s going to meet up at the bottom. Well, I put some pins but I don’t like too many pins.

My top shoulder seams are a little bulkier than the side seams but only on the inside. It’s really amazing how the rows come together wow!!! I love it. (maybe you pulled too hard so it got a little more bulkier on the outside?)

(Sarah, can you post a picture of your shrug? I want to see it, what kind it is and why it has seams to be sewn up, I thought shrugs usually don’t)

Carla, I’ve never heard of using a machine on a handknitted sweater. Yikes. That would be rather horrible I think I don’t think it would work.

And you Misty! Thanks for the compliment too but SORRY, it’s my first cardigan and I’magonnabe the one wearin’ it! :happydance: