Somebody pat me on the back please! (seaming)

Oh my god. I tried it this morning and couldn’t do it. Went out for lunch, came back and got very determined and

I DID IT!!! :cheering: I just learned how to seam my first cardigan. Oh my god. And I think it actually looks pretty darn good.

What a pain though isn’t it? this seaming thing? No wonder certain people “send out” all their things to be finished.

And now I know why EZ advocates seamless sweaters. I can’t wait to try that! What do you think. Does it look ok to you (oh please don’t tell me to rip it out…)

The inside seems a little bulky, the seam I mean, but I suppose I can learn how to make it less so.

:cheering: :cheering: It doesn’t get any better than that!!! Congratulations!!

Your sweater is very pretty and the seaming looks great! Congratulations.

:cheering: great seaming job! i like the yarn you used too!

What a beautiful sweater!!!

Your seaming looks fantastic! Great job!!!


I hate seaming, so I make all sweaters in the round. I think you’d love doing them that way.

Me too so far! It looks fabulous! People send things out to be finished? :??

I haven’t tried seaming yet, but my current project is going to require a bit of seaming…

Anyway, I think yours looks GREAT!! Good job! :smiley:

Yay!!! :cheering: You did it!!! And your sweater and seaming BOTH look beautiful!!! Although I haven’t knitted a garment yet, I hate seaming anything, no matter how small. It goes back a long time from when I was a kid and my mom taught me how to hand sew…I have no self-confidence in my hand-sewing (that’s why I do all my quilting by machine, too! :oops: )

:cheering: Pat pat on your back! :thumbsup:

Your seam looks sooo darn neat!:slight_smile: I wish I’d be that good one day :teehee:

That is a beaufiful piece of work~! :cheering: :cheering:
What kind of stitch are you usingon the cuffs of the sleeves… I like it… it has a very elegant appearance~! :cheering: :happydance:

That looks excellent! :cheering:

I don’t totally HATE seaming - I wanted to learn how to do it, so I made a sweater in parts. But I was worried the whole time whether it would line up right and whether the sleeves would fit into the armholes. I had an “ah ha” moment while seaming two sides together - I really liked the way they pulled together and the seam became invisible. So that part was fun…kind of. :teehee:

I really like your sweater!

I know that EZ was an advocate for knitting in the round, but supposedly some sweaters “sit” better when they have the seam up the side. So there is a use for both methods, it seems.

:cheering: :cheering: Good job! It looks great! I have a WIP waiting to be seamed… It’s been waiting for… 6 months… :oops:

BIG THANKS to all of you sweet knitters! Just got up this morning and it’s nice to get so many pats on the back! :hug:

Yeah, it’s amazing the way those sleeves just fit in there and that mattress stitch pulled together. One thing, if I ever do this again (which I might) it will be a welcome relief to use a stronger yarn. This was very natural undyed sheepy yarn and if you pull it too hard it WILL BREAK. So I had to pull some stitches closed every inch or so.

And yeah Jan! you haven’t heard about those luxury ladies who just like to knit but won’t do the finishing? Well, I don’t know any personally but I have read about them. And the yarn shop down the street has a sign out front that says “Excellent Finishing”. I just noticed that this week after passing by there for years.

That sweater is from Vogue Magazine Winter 2004/5. It was done in a much more elegant yarn, in red with a fake fur attached collar. The hem and sleeve bottoms are done in double moss stich, which I’ve never done before and it looks really terrific. A nice change from the usual ribbing.

The buttonholes were my first too and although I watched Amy’s video and tried it, it didn’t work I think because of the double moss stitch, so I did them different. (binding off 2 and casting on 2 on the next row) DOES ANYBODY REINFORCE THEIR BUTTONHOLES? I have this bulky sweater I bought and the buttonholes are so neat, they’ve been sort of reinforced I call it by stitching all around them after their done.

Now I get to go to the garment district to shop for buttons!

I can’t wait to do a sweater in the round… my next challenge.

P.S. Iza, that’s too funny, I have one other sweater and a vest sitting in their bags for months now coz I’ve been afraid to seam. Guess I got to get them out now. :pout:

That looks great! I’m going to seam my first sweater today, and I’m petrified!!! The knitting part is fun, the seaming part seems like it would be a PITA. I guess I should just take a deep breath and go for it!

Before I learned mattress stitch, I hated my finished sweaters because the seams ruined them. Once I learned it, though, it opened all kinds of doors–it’s magic!

you could use embroidery floss to reinforce your button holes. i would just do a buttonhole stitch around the actual edge of the buttonholes. works fabulous :cheering:

Very nice!! I hate seaming as well and avoid it like the plague, that is why I love the Knitting PUre and Simple patterns.

Where is your pattern from, it is lovely!

So right Ingrid, I think I’ve almost begun to enjoy it! But I can’t wait to do some of the stuff you do (intarsia, steeking!)

Jeanius, THANKS for the link, that’s a great instructional one.

And Bobi, go for it! It comes together (ha) really easy after a little practice.

I’m going to have to look at those Pure & Simple patterns.

OH, I posted the pattern earlier here, it’s in Vogue magazine.