Somebody mix me a drink

I’ve had to restart this baby cardigan three times already - always after 3 days of knitting has already been done. I just caught a mistake that would’ve thrown the rest of the thing into the Crap Bin and I thought about tinking…but decided to rip back and put it back on the needles.

Now I remember why I prefer to tink.

I remember this because of the HUGE ASTHMATIC GASP I gave as I put the last stitch on. I’ve been holding my breath for the past 5 minutes as I put each stitch back on the needle.

I hate to admit it, but I ALMOST always just try to fix it, rather than frog it. Now that my moms really hard cardigan is done, I can see a few flaws that I actually missed. Oh well, that is what makes it special and unique. :slight_smile:

Oh honey…

I have been trying to make some ruffled baby socks out of Shine Sport on bamboo DPNs for the past 2 days. I have cast on and screwed them up SIX times now - no exaggeration!!! :shock: :wall: :frog: I’m losing my mind over a silly pair of SMALL socks. UGH! :doh:

Also, the yarn doesn’t slip over the needles so it’s making my muscles (and my mind) sore!

So i feel your pain and send my empathy…

I’m off to make myself a raspbertini before trying again… Grrrr…

That sounds really good, would you mind if I had a sip? :lol:

The worst part is that it’s an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern. Not even a pattern. A guideline. But somehow I seem to have the magical ability to make one sleeve MUCHMUCH narrower than the other one. God preserve me, like jam. Sweet, but all squished up and jiggly…

Just a sip 'til you’re legal, my dear! :wink:

snort!!! That made me giggle… :roflhard: :roflhard:


snort!!! That made me giggle… :roflhard: :roflhard:


That’s what this pattern is going to reduce me to! :roflhard:

I have been trying for two days to do short rows on a sock toe and have frogged it four times I am determined though. Instead of a drink I would like a tub of Starbucks Coffee Ice Cream.

Oh Aidan you do make me laugh! Preserve you like jam!!! :lol: I’m sorry you’re having trouble with the non-pattern. I have the book Knitting
Without Tears. Is it a pattern in there? Which one are you knitting? Maybe I, or someone else here can help? Sometimes when I get all tangled up in a project and totally can’t get untangled, I just have to put it away for a bit. Or longer. I pick up something easy and mindless and remind myself that I do know how to knit, and follow patterns, etc. I hope that you have the problem solved as I write this! samm

I’ve conquered the pattern.
And my heart is breaking as I say this.
I don’t think I have enough yarn…

sighs Oh for the love of wool…