Somebody, anybody, Buehler

Ok, someone on this board posted a pix of the most GORGEOUS felted hat they had made. It was beige and looked somthing like a man’s fedora. I LOVE IT! I WANNA MAKE IT!. I have two skeins of merino wool which I bought just for such a project (paid full pride, so I’m really serious about this.)

I’ve been all over the topics but can’t find the picture or where to locate the pattern. Shoulda just bookmarked it, but…

Can the knitter or someone in the know guide me back to the original post or give me the name of the pattern and where to buy it? Any suggestions on working/felting the hat would also be gratefully appreciated.

And to the knitter (hoping that flattery will get me somewhere), you did a phenomanal job on that hat. It was to die for. This project is in line right after the next baby sweater is done. I’m hoping it’s not too ambitious for a first felting project.


Hat 1?

Hat 2?

Cheesiemom, I hope it’s my hat (hat1)! If so, thanks. I am a new knitter and hadn’t done very much before that hat. It is very simple and you can style it any which way. I originally was going for a “cowboy” hat style and then re-wet it and styled it like it is in the picture. Looks kind of cute at a jaunty tilt on the head! I made an I-cord and tied around it. And if I do another, I may knit it even slightly BIGGER. Maybe do a bucket-type version.

Good luck,


YES-S-S! It’s Jouf’s hat (Hat 1). Thanks to you and beldaraan. I Love this hat and you did a bee-yoo-tiful job on it. It’s exactly what I want. I can hardly wait to get started. I should look great in June walking around in a wool felt hat, but what the heck!! I just hope mine turns out as well as yours.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


YEAH! Everybody who comes to my house and sees my hat sitting on my desk in my office has to pick it up and put it on and then say how great they look in it!

Yours will turn out perfect, I’m sure. I’m not so sure why the ones in the directions have such a flat top, but they must have just formed it that way. I followed those instructions, but I tend to knit a little tight.