Some yarn not centre-pull?!

Why are some yarns not centre-pull…?

I think its the nature of the skein/hank winding. If you take a regular skein of yarn and wrap it around the top of a chair you will see what I mean. There is no way to make this a center pull in its wrapped form. You can use a swift or ball winder to change the form and make it a center pull. I thin you can even use a niddy noddy to make one. Someone will correct me if I am mistaken though.

I’ve used a yarn bowl and my ball winder to wind annoying regular balls into center pull so they don’t bounce around as much.

I usually do the same thing. I can’t stand yarn jumping around all over the place when I pull it.

I second that motion. Red Heart may be cheap yarn, but at least they wind their skeins and show you which side to pull for a center pull ball.

I don’t have a ball winder so if it’s not a center pull ball and I’ve not bought it at the LYS I wind my own. I hate the outside pull yarns so this is the method I use.

I bought Vanna White yarn at Michael’s, bought Red Heart yarn a few months ago. The Red Heart yarn is centre-pull but the VW yarn isn’t.

Thanks for the links etc.

I wind everything. I mean EVERYTHING. The first thing that happens to a ball of yarn at my house is that it gets wound into a center pull ball. Even if it was already a center pull ball, I unwind it and wind it again.

If this is the kind of yarn you bought it should be center pull. Sometimes the end is hard to find.

I used a Vannas yarn the other week…it will centre pull! I made a little crocheted hippo out of it! smiles

<<I wind everything. I mean EVERYTHING.>>

I’ve untangled enough yarn in my lifetime to go from Maine to California and back several times. I now wind most skeins into center-pull balls. If I have very large skeins (like Bernat’s Baby Sport) I’ll work from the skein but the minute I think I may have a tangle I stop what I’m working on an wind the rest into a center-pull ball and save myself a lot of frustration!

Back in the late 40’s - early 50’s there was no such thing as pre-wound skeins of yarn. It was you buy, you wind for all yarn!
When pull-skeins appeared we thought we’d died and gone to heaven.


I searched and searched for the centre-pull yarn end and came up bumpkiss. The end was on the outside of the …ball? skein?

BTW I got it 2 for $5.00.

I have two ball winders but still like to wind with a Nostepinne or Nest-Stick. I like the nice wooden Nostepinne but normally use a toothbrush holder, I store odds and ends in the holder in my knitting bag. Instructions

To make knitters go crazy?

I gotta get myself a ball winder. It is on my wishlist.

Abby: hahaha

cacunn: would a toilet paper holder work too?

I guess with the exception of hanks, most yarn I’ve bought has been center pull…except that it really isn’t and I end up with what I call yarn vomit. This last skein (Bernat baby) was so bad I will either never use Bernat again or I will pre-wind it into my own center pull ball.

The cardboard tube in the center of the roll may not be strong enough, but the plastic piece the roll gos over would work. I have used pen, pencils, markers Just about any thing round that you can slide the finished ball off.

One thing to consider is that you want a large form to wind the yarn around. When you wind the yarn you put it under tension and when you pull it off the yarn expands into the center hole to relax.