Some WIPS: Entrelac scarf + lonely red mitten

Thought I’d share a couple of WIPs I’ve got going.

First up is an entrelac scarf made with Silk Garden. I’m two balls in so far, and don’t have anymore! I need another ball but it’s too icy to go anywhere today, and we’re being threatened with a foot of snow, and the engine light is on in my car! So I guess I should be good and stay home and not get that last skein. :verysad:

Guess I could finish it off with what I have left and have a little scarflette and make some sort of hammered pin with some silver scrap wire to close it, i dunno.

Next is a little mitten I’m making per my daughter’s request in Sassy Stripes ‘Crush.’ No pattern; this is a strictly seat-of-pants project.

Thanks for looking! :slight_smile:

Lovely scarf and mitten! I love the colors on the scarf.

That scarf is to die for and i’d wait and get the other ball when you can so you can make what you intended.

looks great!! you and anna are doing the same scarf! so pretty!

Gorgeous scarf, and a cute mitten too!

Is the Silk Garden a lot softer than Kureyon? I saw some SG on sale on Webs, and it’s terribly hard to resist.

Beautiful! :heart:

The scarf is fantastic - I just love how perfect Noro is for the elantrc scaves - the color way is stunning! The mitten looks great!

The scarf is beautiful! I know that bummed feeling of not having what you want to work on. I’m waiting for a pattern…

Like your lonely red mitten, I have a lonely red glove. Maybe we could introduce the two :teehee:

Mama Bear

Love the scarf!

stunning!!! i have GOT to get me some of that silk garden yarn…and the mitten is adorable!

:heart: love the scarf and mitten!

What does entrelac looks like on the wrong side, though? Is it possible to make it reversible? Can entrelac be knitted in the round, for instance?

Love the scarf!

Great scarf LOve the colors

What coloway are you using

Thank you, everybody! :hug:

I wouldn’t say it’s the softest yarn ever, but it is softer than Kureyon. I’m thinking it will soften up more with a washing… but then, the colors are pretty enough that I don’t mind if it doesn’t!

It doesn’t look all that hot on the wrong side; kind of waffle-y to me. As for in the round or reversible… I don’t know. I’m not a cool enough knitter yet. I’d be curious to know what better knitters than me have to say! :slight_smile:

I can’t find the ball band, but I’m 98% sure it’s #213. :oops:

The scarf is stunning! :inlove: Love the mitten too!

Love the scarf!!!