Some toys I made

I am considerably new to knitting I started when I was about nine but lost interest recently I forced myself back into it and now I cant get enough My hope is to make myself something and not give it away to friends who compliment me on my work lol. I tend to not follow patterns as they are hard for me to understand but I am getting there. I used to crochet things only but found I needed to try knitting again and I love it.

These are my first toys I made.
I made the snakes in a few evenings while watching the telly. My boyfriend helped me stuff them and shape them so they resembled snakes. they eyes are a bit wonky but I think that makes them cuter. I sent them to a ferret sanctuary to entertain the ferrets. I found as soon as I had sewn them up I didn`t want to part with them but the ferrets needed them more than me.

and a side view.

and here is Wiffle I sold him on ebay as a doorstop. I used a fluffy black and white eyelash yarn and made a hat. I then snaffled a piece of wood from my fellas Dad and stuffed round it. I added eyes and a nose and cut down the hair on his face so you could see his features. He now lives with a cat keeping it company somewhere in the south of england.

:thumbsup: Too cute!

OMG, those are adorable! Well done. :thumbsup:

thankyou as I say I am new to knitting and I will get there I am making a caterpillar at the moment and I will show you when it is made :heart:

1st of all…welcome :smiley: I love, love your toys…wonderful imagination that you have :wink:

Those snakes are awsome !!! Do you have the pattern for them !!! My son and brother would LOVE them!!!

Welcome! :waving:

The snakes are adorable–how sweet of you to send them to a ferret sanctuary! And I really love Wiffle! :inlove:

Patterns aren’t tough at all once you get yourself used to the lingo. And we’re all here to help!

Adorable!!! :inlove:


I love them!!

Thankyou all for being so kind yesterday i managed to mkae a bumble bee and a caterpillar that was as well as jet washing the back yard I will post some more of the things i have made as soon as i have sewen them up lol I hate sewing up. love to you all and thankyou for being so welcoming Sian xxxxx

Those snakes are awsome !!! Do you have the pattern for them !!! My son and brother would LOVE them!!!


I just looked at a picture on the internet. I cast on 18 stitches in bulky or chunky. on size 5.0mm (8us) needles and knit one row and purpled one row for for 18 inches I increaced for the head every other knit row. until I got about 26 stitches.
Knit one row purl one row for about 4 inches then decreced every knit row until I had about 16 stitches.
knitt one row and purled one row for about 2 inches for the mouth.
I made a diamond shape for the underneath of the head, I can`t remember how many stitches but i had the snake upside down on my lap while i knitted the underneath of the jaw.
i sewed and stuffed as i went and crochet a tongue and sewed on eyes as I didnt want the ferrets choking on eyes.
sorry I couldnt be more detailed but I did make them a while back now.