Some stuff from me

I usually post my FO’s and W’sIP in my blog here, but I was asked to post some here, too, so I will. :shrug:

Ingrid posted photos in Wha’cha Knittin’… :passedout:


Those are all the most beautiful colorways and yarns! They look so soft!! Gorgeous stuff, Ingy!!


Tryna keep those end bits warm, lady?? :teehee: :heart:

Everything is stunning. I especially like those Jaywalker socks. Gotta try that pattern out.

Actually - I lied, the Jaywalker socks come second. I especially like the adaptation of the my so called scarf pattern into cuffs and edging. :heart: :heart:

Fabulous! Thanks for sharing here.

I especially love the scarf made with Mmmm… What pattern is that?

I love all of them! :inlove: They are beeeeautiful! :cheering:

Thanks, everyone!

The pattern is just a combination from different places. The leaves are from the Great American Aran Afghan, though I’ve seen it elsewhere, and the inner edges are from the Vogue book.

:notworthy: Beautiful, of course :notworthy:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

Thankyou Ingrid, I don’t often (if ever) get over to the blogs, and It’s wonderful to see some of your FO’s. They are absolutely beautiful. Now we know we are getting advice from a truly incredible knitter.


:aww: We have a ton of amazing knitters here!

Love the groovy psychedelia of the Karaoke scarf!
Does “first socks” translate to the first socks you made?

Geez, I feel so inadequate now.

beautiful beautiful socks!
I am having an overload of sock envy everywhere I look lately.

Having sock envy? or needle envy? :rofl: :rofl:

Yes, those are the first ‘real’ socks I ever made. I made Christmas stockings decades ago using sock techniques, but I never broke down and made an actual sock-to-fit-a-person.

Mason–did you notice the decades ago? I learned to knit during the Kennedy Administration. I haven’t knit continually since then, but I’ve learned a thing or two in those years. :teehee:

I forgot to post the recent hat I made to go with the Mmmmm mittens. I made a So-Called for my sister for Christmas and she asked for a hat. She got the hat and mittens. I admit I was a little OCD about matching, so I made them So-Called, too.

Beautiful, Ingrid. I’m glad you posted here, because I can’t keep up with the blogs (way too many pages to sift through in the blog section!). I’ve seen your beautiful sweaters, but I think this is the first time I’ve seen other “stuff” from you.

It was me who begged her to post here. See, Ingy, we can’t all keep up with the blog posts. There are scores every day. But we love your knitting. It’s so purrrty. :cheering: I love that Mmmm hat. I wanna make one but my puff ball hair will look ridiculous under it. :frowning:

Oh you’ve got to post more often! I’m getting some great ideas!

Just gorgeous! I love how you applied the “so-called” pattern to the mitts and hat. Thanks for sharing your work!

Pass me some of your talent

The cabled socks look very soft and cozy. I don’t usually care for knitted socks but those really got my attention.


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