Some Silvers Sock Tutorial Questions

Good morning all,

I have finished the ribbing and am ready to begin the heel. Row one says (on the right side of your work)…My question is, up to this point is there a right side? The ribbing looks the same on both sides. When I went to start row one my yarn was on the inside of the needles so I just turned it inside out. Is this okay?

Also, I was through the gusset on my last attempt and everything turned to garter stitch. Does anyone know why this happens?

Thanks in advance. I will finish a pair of socks if it kills me…M u s t
F i n i s h S o c k s :wall: :wall: :wall:

when i get to the heel is usually when i find out that i am knitting on the “wrong” side. I do the same thing… just turn it inside out. It won’t always work because some patterns won’t lend well to it. But for k2p2 ribbing i don’t see any reason why it won’t work.

As far as the gusset…when you say it turned to garter do you mean that the purls were showing instead of the knits? That probably has to do with the way you picked up stitches. you can fix it without starting that part over by just doing purls instead of knits but i hate that myself so i usually go back and do the gusset again. you just have to make sure you are pulling your picked up stitches through from the correct direction. i am sure someone has a more clear way of saying that than I do. I am too visual to be able to describe it in words unfortunately. :wall: