Some recent FO's

Here is a baby afghan I just finished, and 5 Odessa hats. My girls say I’m crazy cause I get a pattern or project I like, and I make it over and over. It’s true. I plan to make this hat for all the girls in the family for Christmas. I made half of them from Elegance, and 1 ball was perfect. The other half I bought Ambrosia to use, and it was listed as the same weight of yarn, had the same number of yards, yet 1 ball won’t finish the hat. :?? I think the problem is that it is fluffier. It’s just about 4 rows short of enough…so, the ambrosia hats will be a little smaller, and I’ll give them to the little cousins. I do love the feel of ambrosia, it’s so SOFT! The dishcloth was just to use up some really little leftovers. I really think it’s cute.

How cute! It looks like the hats have beads on them? I like to do the same thing over and over too. Why not if it is fun, eh?! :XX:

Wow beads and everything! Looks like you definitely have a head start on Christmas! LOL

:smiley: Very nice…u r too smart, already getting Christmas going :wink:

Beautiful! I wish I could get motivated for Christmas. Come November, when the rest of us are stressing, you’ll be sitting back, grinning. :wink:

They are really nice! :thumbsup: I knit Christmas presents for people as and when I get ideas.

Everything looks great! I like the two-colored dish cloth too - keeps it interesting!

Great job! The Odessa hats look fantastic!

You’ve been quite busy! Everything looks great! Is it hard to knit with beads?

You’ve been quite busy! Everything looks great! Is it hard to knit with beads?

knitting the beads in is easy, I learned it from a site that was linked to right here in the forum. Oh my, I don’t know where though. You just use a tiny crochet hook that fits through the bead, put the bead on the hook, then carefully lift the stitch off your left needle and pull both thicknesses of the loop right through the bead with the hook, then slip the loop back on the left needle, and KNIT IT. Does that make sense. Here in Lacey WA, we have a HUMONGOUS bead store called Shipwreck Beads, and I was able to find beads with a larger hole, to fit yarn through it.

Very nice! Very productive too! {At least I’m not the only one that’s already working on Christmas presents!!!}

Oh my, fabulous! I LOVE the beading on the hats and your instruction sound good. I wanted to scatter beads over a hat too - need to knit more hats!

LOVE those hats! :inlove: