Some Recent FOs and a WIP

A felted purse:

A Christmas Star Ornament:

A felted cliutch:

A chunky knit scarf (in progress):

Nice! :slight_smile: I love the purse, it’s a lovely color and looks just the right size! :slight_smile:

Knit4Fun…I really love the things you made! They are lovely! You don’t happen to have a pattern for the star ornament…that is precious! Happy knitting! :knitting:


Thanks! Here’s a link to the star pattern:

Enjoy! :hug:

They’re all beautiful! Thanks for the link to the star ornament … but I think yours is much prettier!

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Love the beautiful little Christmas star… and the great felted clutch… I want one of those…!
TEMA:thumbsup: [/COLOR]

What wonderful projects! :cheering: The Christmas star is really unique looking; is it felted or starched in order to keep its shape better, or does it just keep its shape on its own? All very nice! The purse is a great size and would go with everything! :thumbsup:



The star is not felted…the Manos is a slightly chunkier yarn than most so I think it makes the star pattern more vivid and probably the colorway does too.

The pattern calls for knitting the star toward the center and then you pull the center tight to create the final shape - that way it stays star-shaped once you weave in the ends.

:happydance: Everything looks great!