Some pictures of some finished knitting I've done!

I finally had a chance to take pictures of the 3 things I’ve done. The first one is the scarf I did in the fun fur, straight knit stitch in the class I took at Michaels.

These are two are hats I did on my kniffter knitter when I first got it to play with!

Sorry the pictures aren’t the best. I couldn’t get this camera to cooperate with any light today!


I love the blue yarn. YOu did a great job on your knitting!! Thanks for sharing. :XX: :XX:

Great stuff!! I love your hats, specially!

:smiley: Good job on everything :wink: I’ve never used the “kniffter knitter” How does it work? Is it fun? :smiley:

I like my kniffter knitter, but I’ve never tried hats on DPNs though. To me, it’s a no brainer, but it’s fun when you want something quick and easy. I’m going to do a bunch of hats for my neices and nephews for christmas this year. I’ll probably just do them on the kniffter knitter for convience and time!

It’s definitely a different experience and really anyone can do it! I think it’s definitely worth trying to say “hey I’ve done it”.


Next I want to learn how to use my circulars, I have the boye’s interchangeable sets!

Great job! The yarn for the scarf looks wild. Was it hard to work with?

Actually it wasn’t hard to work with and the great thing about it is, it’s hard to see the mistakes! LOL That’s the best imo!


That’s great! I’ve found some novelty yarns are easier to work with than others… unfortunately, it seems I’m always picking the horrid ones to work with! And yes… gotta love a yarn that hides boo-boos!

Great job! :thumbsup:

I’m so glad to hear that scarf was easy to knit cuz it sure looks like it would be fun to wear!!

Those hats are too cute! Good job!