Some pics

Ok, I know I stated before that I don’t do pics of WIPs for fear of jinxing them, the gods either weren’t smiling on me any way, or were smiling on me and I had to share.

So, I’ve got some clickable pics on my blog.

The baby hooded towel and washcloth are so cute. :thumbsup: Plus the sheep are too. ~Brooke

Cute sheep! & blanket/washcloth!

I’ve knit with that same Reggia sock yarn (Reggia, right? The one you got in Omaha?). Love the colors. I made several pairs of kid’s socks and mittens from it. Yeah, a bit scratchy, but my sis said it wasn’t too scratchy for her 1 year old to wear as socks, which I’d worried, but he seemed to like them, sooooo… I guess that’s the ultimate test!


Love your blog! What r u gonna make with that sparkly yarn?! An evening scarf?..what…I’m very curious, it’s sooo pretty!!

I have no idea. :?? It was definitely a spur of the moment purchase. The hanks are only 88 yards, so it will have to be a small project unless I can get back to that LYS and get some more relatively soon. However, I’ve been toying with a scarf idea.

perhaps a lacey like short scarf to wrap around the neck & tie for spring…? but it would have to be slender, i would think bc of the yardage… :thinking: …just a thought…what can u do with 88 yds?..anybody?

Okay, I saw 2 pics with different yarn…sorry…now, since i looked again and saw u have 2 skeins of the sparkly…many more projects come to mind…use your imagination and HAVE FUN!!